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Pearl Engagement Rings are a Luminous and Unique Choice

It is predicted that 2023 is going to be the year of engagements. People are out and about and love is in the air. But, while engagements are moments of happiness and celebration, they also come with their own set of worries. Chief among these is finding the perfect ring. The perfect ring is different for everyone. However, the emotions that it rests on, love and commitment, are the same. So, what better ring to choose for an engagement than a pearl ring, given how pearls brim with deep meaning and profound symbolism?

Engagement Rings Pearls of Joy

Clockwise from left to right: Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring (Image courtesy @arianagrande), Akoya Pearl and Diamond Grace Ring (Pearls of Joy), Emma Stone’s Engagement Ring (Image Courtesy Dave McCary), Akoya Pearl and Diamond Lyanna Ring (Pearls of Joy)

The Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement rings have a long and fascinating history, but it was not until 850 CE that a ring became the symbol for a man’s intention to marry. History has given us examples of many extraordinary engagement rings. From royalty and celebrities to much loved anecdotes from family folklore, our lives are peppered with stories of engagements rings that were both memorable and beautiful.

Pearl engagement rings were very popular during the late Victorian and Edwardian era. A single, halo ring, centered on a white, glowing pearl with a surround of old-European cut diamonds epitomised the engagement ring of a generation of brides.

More recently, pearl engagement rings have found popularity again, not only because Pearl Core has made pearls more fun and accessible, but also because some A-list celebrities have chosen pearls for their engagement rings. When a beaming Emma Stone shared a photograph of her ‘Pearl Snowflake Ring,’ set with an Akoya pearl and diamonds, jewelry lovers everywhere sighed with joy! Ariana Grande with her famous diamond and pearl engagement ring further confirmed that this was not a passing trend. Pearl engagement rings are official and are here to stay!

Akoya Pearl and Diamond Ring, Pearls of Joy

Akoya Pearl and Diamond Ring, Pearls of Joy

The Pearl Engagement Ring

Pearls are a beautiful gem and not a very common choice for engagement rings, making them immediate conversation starters. What’s more, the symbolism of pearls makes them perfect for engagements, a time of rejoicing for couples who are starting this exciting new chapter of their relationship.

Pearls carry deep meaning. In some cultures pearls symbolize wisdom and enlightenment. In others, they are regarded as emblems of protection, longevity and good luck. In still others, pearls are analogous with innocence and purity.

The different colors of pearls lends an even deeper dimension to their meaning :

White pearls – Innocence

Black pearls – Strength

Golden pearls – Joy

Pink pearls - Romance

There is also the choice of size and shape to consider. For a petite and dainty look, you cannot go wrong with an Akoya pearl and diamond ring. However, if you want to make an impression, then a South Sea pearl ring, White, Golden or Black, is the ideal choice. While many couples like round, perfectly symmetrical pearls for their engagement rings, some couples are opting for baroque pearl rings. Baroque pearls with their organic shapes and striking lustre are a great choice for a truly ‘one-of-a-kind’ engagement ring.

Pearl engagement rings Pearls of Joy

An Affordable Engagement Ring

Pearl engagement rings are a wonderfully affordable choice. While the average price of an engagement set with colored gemstones and diamonds is $6000- $7,000 USD, many pearl engagements rings are available at more attractive price points and can be just as alluring. Pearl rings set with a surround of diamonds are a popular choice. Alternately, a solitaire engagement ring set with a luminous, iridescent pearl is undoubtedly a head turner.

In addition, the pearl types available to choose from makes purchasing the just-perfect engagement ring quite painless. A couple looking for a White pearl can choose between White South Sea pearl, Akoya pearl or Freshwater pearl ring. Each pearl is beautiful in its own way but an informed decision can be made based on the look they are going for as well as their budget. Similarly, for someone looking for a Black pearl engagement ring, there are Tahitian South Sea pearls, Black (dyed) Akoya pearls and Black (dyed) Freshwater pearls to choose from. For a couple who are looking for the oomph factor, a Golden South Sea pearl and diamond ring will deliver magnificently.

There are plenty of fabulous options to choose from, when going for a pearl engagement ring. At Pearls of Joy, the selection of pearl rings is wide and deep, with different pearl and design choice, making an engagement ring purchase not just simple, but a pleasure!

Pearl Engagement Ring Care

As a gem with organic origins, pearls are delicate, and their lustrous surface can get scratched with careless handling. Just like all cultured pearl jewelry, pearl engagement rings need special care to ensure they are not scratched or damaged. Taking the ring off before applying hand creams or perfumes and before going to sleep, storing the ring away from gems and materials that can scratch their nacreous skin, gently wiping the pearl with a soft cloth from time to time and having the ring professionally cleaned by a jeweler, are important but easy things to remember to keep your pearl engagement ring looking beautiful.

Pearl engagement rings are a great choice for couples who want to have a unique jewel to mark this most important moment of their lives.

Featured Image: Tahitian South Sea Pearl Ayla Ring and Tahitian Multicolor Pearl Necklace, Pearls of Joy

Reema Farooqui is a jewelry writer who loves pearls. You can find her on her website The Culture of Pearls or on Instagram at @thecultureofpearls 

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