Pearl Sizes: Choosing The Right Size For You

When it comes to quality pearls, like most gems, size does matter. A key factor in a pearl's value is its size, with the larger pearls generally being the more prized. The information below is meant to be a guide only. Many of our customers will combine multiple sizes of pearls and thumb their nose at tradition. Ultimately we suggest you let your budget and tastes be your guide.


6.0 - 6.5mm

This size is normally reserved for young girls or teens. They are traditionally worn by young women ages 5-16 years old.

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6.5 - 7.0mm

A strand of this size is considered the "starter" strand for women in their mid 20s. It is the traditional birthday, Christmas and Valentine's Day present.

7.0 - 7.5mm

This size, traditionally worn by women age 30 and up, is the strand for the upwardly mobile woman. Not too flashy, 8 mm is big enough to give an air of importance. This size is a traditional wedding or anniversary gift through the fifth year of marriage.

7.5 - 8mm

One of the most popular sizes of pearls we sell. This is a bit larger than average, but still affordable for most. Whether Freshwater or Akoya, these pearls are what we'd call a "sure thing".

8.0 - 8.5mm

These pearls tend to be more expensive, so they are traditionally worn by women age 35 and up, and often signify financial success. For many women this is an "ideal size" for everyday wear and formal occasions.

8.5 - 9.0mm

A strand of this size are perfect for women ages 35 to 45 or a woman in her early 30s of high stature. They exude class. Jacqueline Kennedy's famous pearls were this size.

9.0 - 9.5mm

These high-end pearls tell the world "you've made it", without being over the top. You'll find these pearls in the jewelry boxes of wealthy women or dedicated pearl collectors. Expect a lot of admirers if you wear a strand of this size.

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