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Rare South Sea Pearl Earrings in White and Golden Colors

You'll fall in love with the satin luster and large size of our South Sea Pearl Earrings. Made from rare and sought after South Sea Pearls, these earrings are perfect for true pearl lovers. Our South Sea Pearl Earrings range from silver-white to dark gold in color. Our pearl earrings are matched, drilled by hand and mounted on white or yellow gold posts.  Pair with a South Sea necklace for the ultimate in luxury.

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South Sea Pearl Earrings – Luxury Pearls 80% Below Retail

Stunning and colorful, the most coveted cultured pearls in the world are White and Golden South Sea pearl earrings are absolutely captivating. South Sea pearls are completely untreated and their unique silvery-white and golden colors are totally organic and guaranteed to never be enhanced with artificial dyes or luster treatments. The shifting rainbow of subtle orient captures the eye, their glowing, satiny luster and naturally large sizes have allowed White and Golden South Sea pearls to easily capture the title “Queen of the Pearl World”. 

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Pearl Earrings That Meet A Higher Standard

The ultimate in luxury pearls, White and Golden South Sea pearls are famous for being the largest and rarest pearls in the world. Pearls of Joy offers an extensive collection of Earrings, South Sea Pearl Pendants, Pearl Rings and fully matched South Sea Pearl Necklaces, ranging in size from 9.0mm pearls up through the largest 16.0mm sizes. Choose from the classic studs, luxury dangle earrings and 14kt gold clip-on styles. Find your perfect pearls today at

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