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Hanadama Akoya Pearls

Japanese Hanadama Akoya pearls represent the top quality Akoya pearls, certified by the Pearl Science Lab Of Japan. Choosing our Hanadama Pearls means you can be certain that your pearls are not only beautiful, but they are certified the best of the best and the top quality of Akoya pearls available.

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The term “Hanadama” was originally coined by Kokichi Mikimotohimself, and he used the name to denote only his very best pearls from each harvest. Even today we're often asked the question of how Hanadama vs. Mikimoto pearls compare. Pearls of Joy offers an incredible selection of certified Hanadama Pearl Necklaces in every popular size, from 6.5-7.0mm through 9.0-9.5mm – the very largest and rarest in this pearl type. Hanadama pearls are typically sold in 18-inch princess length necklaces, and individually double-knotted on white silk. Every Hanadama necklace purchase comes with its own individually numbered certificate guaranteeing that your new pearls meet the standards of nacre thickness, the quality of the luster and strong visible orient.

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