Akoya Pearls

Classic Akoya Pearls Direct From Japan

This is the type of pearl made famous by Mikimoto and the what most people think of when they picture that perfect set of white pearls. Akoya pearls are perfectly round and have the highest luster of all pearl types, many consider them "the best" pearl.

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True Japanese Akoya Pearls

Kokichi Mikimoto is credited as the inventor of the modern day cultured Akoya pearl necklace. Today Mikimoto is no longer the exclusive supplier of fine Akoya pearls. Other countries like China and Vietnam have also begun farming Akoya pearls. Our experience tells us that the very best Akoya are still found exclusively in Japan.  For that reason we ONLY deal in Japanese Akoya pearls. 

Akoya Pearls to a Higher Standard

Typically Akoya pearls are graded using a A-AAA grading scale. The only problem with this system is there is no standard criteria for pearl sellers. Which means technically a seller could call any pearl "AAA grade". Click this link to learn about how we grade Akoya pearls -- and how we sell Akoya pearls to a higher standard.

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