Pink Pearl Earrings

Naturally-Colored Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings

For a simple and elegant look, our Pink Pearl Earrings do not disappoint. Our brilliant pink pearls shine with a natural color that is not dyed and is sure to make any woman feel instantly beautiful. A pair of Pink Pearl Earrings is the perfect gift for any occasion. We offer different styles and sizes to ensure that you'll find the perfect pair.

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Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings - Feminine And Romantic Colors At 80% Below Retail

A pair of expertly matched Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings from Pearls of Joy is guaranteed to delight all who receive them. Dazzle the heart and the eye with our round, subtly glowing Pink Pearl Stud Earrings, or add a touch of glamour with the Dangle Earring Collection. Kevin Canning, our founder and president, travels to China every year to purchase the finest quality Freshwater pearls of each yearly pearl harvest, so no matter which pearl earrings you decide to buy you are guaranteed a pair of freshwater pearls with the highest luster, cleanest surfaces and perfectly round shapes. When only the very best will do, our exclusive collection of Gem Grade Freshwater Pearl Earrings are guaranteed to hit all the right notes.

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