Tahitian Pearls

Rare and Colorful Tahitian Pearl Collection Direct From The Tropics

Tahitian Pearls come from the warm waters of the South Seas and are grown in a Black-Lipped oyster. They are the only pearl to achieve a black body color naturally and are typically very large (9mm - 16mm). Tahitian pearls, although mostly dark, can come in a wide range of hues, including black, gray, silver, green, blue and purple.

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Exotic Tahitian Pearls Become Attainable

As little as 20 years ago a top quality Tahitian pearl necklace might have cost $100,000+. But today with improved production and greater access to remote islands, we're able to offer the same quality of strand for $3000-$5000. The same is true of Tahitian pearl earrings. Once worth $1000's, today a fine pair could be purchased for $300-$500.

The Only Naturally Black Pearls

Truth is Black Tahitian Pearls aren't actually a true black. The term is used to describe pearls with a dark body color, which could be gray, silver, green, blue or purple. That said, Tahitian pearls are the only naturally dark or black pearls.

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