Akoya Pearl Earrings

Japanese Akoya Pearls Without The 10x Markup

Akoya Pearl Earrings are perfect for any woman's wardrobe. Our collection of Akoya earrings consists of dangle, drops and stud pearl earrings.. We offer several different sizes of Akoya Pearl Earrings in both white and black. When combined with one of our top grade Akoya pearl necklaces, they make a set that will be loved for a lifetime.

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Luxury Quality Akoya Earrings Made To A Higher Standard

Our Akoya pearls are always “koshimono” meaning they spend a full 2 seasons in the water growing exceptionally thick nacre and superior luster. Don't be fooled by discount sellers sourcing single season pearls, with thin brittle nacre. “Koshimono” Akoya pearls from Pearls of Joy means that your new Akoya pearl earrings will outshine and outlast our competitors discount pearls. 

Akoya Pearl Earrings – When You Require The Very Best

For those looking for Akoya pearls to meet a higher standard, we recommend shopping in our “Top Range” Hanadama Pearl Earrings. Hanadama pearls are independently certified to be the very highest quality Japanese Akoya pearls. 

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