Pearl Colors

The world of pearls is filled with color; from white, yellow, golden, pink, blue to black and almost every shade in between. There's more to pearls than Grandma's old white strand of pearls. While the use of treatments and dyes allow for any color in the rainbow, this article will primarily deal with naturally occurring white pearl colors.

White Pearls

White pearls are considered classic and timeless due to its sim ple elegance. Whether you're considering the beautiful white Akoya or the enchanting White South Sea pearls, white pearls are beloved by both men and women because of their subtle elegance.

White Pearl Types: White Akoya, White South Sea and White Freshwater pearls.

Common Overtone: Rose (a touch of pink), Cream/Ivory (a tint of french vanilla) and Silver (a true, bright white)

Sizes: White pearls vary from 1.0-2.0mm seed pearls and can be as big as 20.0mm in size.

Did you know: Brides prefer wearing white pearls for it's symbolic meaning o f purity, innocence, purity and new beginnings.

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Black Pearls

Black pearls have a dark and exotic look that's captivated the imagination of men and women for centuries and told in wonderful tales of mythical lore and intrigue. From Black Tahitian, Black Akoya to Black Freshwater pearls, the beauty of each pearl shines forth with each pearl.

Black Pearl Types: Tahitian pearls from French Polynesia, Mexico are the only naturally-colored cultural black pearls. Other pearls such as the Black Akoya and Black Freshwater pearls are usually color-treated to reach their darker hues.

Common Overtone: The most common coloring for black pearls are Peacock (a mixture of Green, Gold and Rose), Green, Blue-Green, Rose, Silver, Copper and Aquamarine, though the intensity of the colors and hues vary dramatically.

Sizes: Majority of Tahitian pearls range from 8.0mm up to 16.0mm or higher.

Did you know: Black colored pearls are often associated to protection, independence, allure, strength and mystery. In Chinese civilization, black pearls are considered a symbol of wisdom due to being created within the dragon's head, later carried between the dragon's teeth and in order to own the pearl, one had to slay the dragon.

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Golden Pearls

Some of the largest and rarest golden cultured pearls in the world are the Golden South Sea pearls. The golden pearls that hail from the tropical lagoons, isles of the Philippine Island and Australia can range from pale Champagne to intense 24K golden hues. Golden pearls are quickly gaining popularity and praised for its regal, warm tone.

Golden Pearl Types: 14K, 18K, 22K and Champagne.

Common Overtone: You'll find Neutral Gold (Yellow), Silver, Rose, Green/Bronze and Champagne hues.

Sizes: South Sea pearls can range from 9.0mm to 16.0mm or higher.

Did you know: The Chinese folklore depicts Golden Pearls as bringing their owners wealth and prosperity. The Golden pearl is often shown in folklore and Chinese movies in the dragon's mouth or claws, the meaning behind this is that the dragon is bringing luck, great wealth and prosperity to their owners.

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Pink and Peach Pearls

Pink to peach pearls that are naturally colored are cultured in the Freshwater pearl mussel found aquaculture ponds in China. For a truly glamorous look, that shines and gives the person wearing the pearls a positively radiant glow, the Pink and Peach pearls are perfect for dressing up or down.

Common Overtone: The most common coloring you'll find among pink to peach pearls are Aquamarine, Green, Gold and Rose hues.

Sizes: Cultured pink to peach pearls can range 4.0-12.0mm, but you'll find average sizes will be between 6.0-9.5mm. Although newer pearls that are cultured are being produced much larger such as the "Edison" pearls which measures from 14.0-14.6mm on average.

Did you know: You can play with accessorizing the pearls with different jewelry to accentuate the pink and golden hues that already exists o n the pearl's surface to enhance the sparkle. You'll find that yellow gold will make the pink and golden hues already existing on the pearl's surface have that extra bit of spark. Although white gold is used less often, but when paired with baby to deeper pink colors, the Aquamarine will come to life.

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Lavender Pearls

Naturally colored Lavender Freshwater pearls are found to be cultured similar to Pink and Peach Pearls, the larger pearl mussels are cared for and bred in aquaculture ponds or lakes in China. You'll see a colorful array of lavender, pink, peach and white pearl combinations. Lavender pearls are sure to make anyone wearing it stand out with sophistication.

Common Overtone: The most common colors you'll find among Lavender pearls are cooler shades of Aquamarine, Green, warmer shades of gold and rose.

Sizes: As with other pearls, the most common sizes you'll find are 4.0 to 12.0mm, with averages around 13.0-16.0mm. With technology these days, you'll find larger pearls between 13.0-16.0mm which are bead-nucleated.

Did you know: When Lavender pearls are paired with white gold, you'll find the lovely blue enhanced and yellow gold gives off different contrasts to enunciate the Gold or Rose tones that are present.

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Blue Pearls

The rarest and most unique among all the pearls, a true blue pearl portrays the true essence of individuality. Blue pearls are perfect to accessorize and draw out the natural beauty of the human eye. For romantics around the world, many believe that owners of blue pearls will find true love.

Common Overtone: Blue pearls are naturally colored and can be found in strong blue, Aquamarine, Rose and Violet. Blue toned pearls such as the Tahitian pearls will range among Green, Blue-Green, Cerulean, Teal, Violet and much more.

Sizes: Blue pearls come in a variety of colors and vary just as many in size. Blue pearls range on average as follows:

  • Blue Akoya pearls, between 7.5-9.5mm.
  • Silver-blue White South Sea pearls, between 9.0-16.0mm or larger.
  • Tahitian pearls, between 8.0-14.0mm.
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Chocolate Pearls

Chocolate pearls are rich, comes in delectable shimmering hues and when angled just right - the gleam of gold will take your breath away. Chocolate Tahitian pearls are truly incomparable and creates the most beautiful jewelry to adorn yourself with. While chocolate pearls a re the current fashion craze at the moment, they rarely occur naturally. It's the product of two processes: bleaching and dyeing. Both treatments res ult in a beautiful, rich coloration.

Chocolate Pearl Types: Color-treated Chocolate Tahitians, naturally-colored Chocolate Tahitians and dyed Chocolate Freshwater pearls.

Common Overtone: The most common coloring for black pearls are Peacock (a mixture of Green, Gold and Rose), Green, Blue-Green, Rose, Silver, Copper and Aquamarine, though the intensity of the colors and hues vary dramatically.

Sizes: Chocolate pearls vary between 9.0-14.0mm with averages in 10.0 -12.0 mm.

Did you know: When paired with yellow gold, the warmer shades of gold in the chocolate pearls can be enhanced beautifully.

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Multi-Color Pearls

Absolutely exciting to admire, you'll find the perfect mix of white, lavender and pink/peach pearls coming together to create perfection. These modern ensemble of mix and match pearls offers a multidimensional luminosity that will capture your attention and be a treasured piece for ages to come.

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So many colors, which should I purchase?

The majority of pearls these days are color cultured instead of natural, while this doesn't deflect from the quality of the pea rl, it does change the perception of beauty - all based on individual color tastes. Th e best guideline in selecting the perfect pearl is your skin to ne: women with fair to light skin tone will look best with pearls that have a rosy overtone, while women who are tan or darker will look amazing in black or cream colored pearls.

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