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Akoya Pearl Bracelets

Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelets In Every Color And Size

Akoya Pearl Bracelets add simple beauty and grace to any wrist. The Akoya Pearls are truly classic, with amazing luster and the highest shine of all the cultured pearls. We offer Akoya Pearl Bracelets in both white and black with several different overtones available. Available in AA+ or AAA grade, we offer something for all budgets.

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Akoya Pearl Bracelets – Beauty and Value

Simple and elegant, an Akoya pearl bracelet from Pearls of Joy will be a gift to cherish. Our Akoya pearls are sourced directly from the pearl farms of Japan and are guaranteed to be of the top 1% of every pearl harvest, direct from the pearl farms. Known as “the classic” white pearl, Akoya pearls shine with mirror like luster and smooth, clean surfaces, perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. Each pearl bracelet is double knotted on matching silk and finished with a clasp of your choice at our production offices, and is made to order.

Exceeding Standards With Our Japanese Akoya Pearls

The founder of Pearls of Joy, Kevin Canning, goes out of his way to source “koshimono” Akoya pearls from Japan. “Koshimono” is a Japanese term that means the Akoya pearls have spent a full two seasons maturing inside their oyster before being harvested. No matter which Akoya pearl quality you choose, our pearls are guaranteed to display superior luster and shine.

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