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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 82nd Issue: Pearls at the End of the Rainbow 🌈


Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "Each pearl is a jewel of wisdom, wrestled from struggle and strung in sequence to create infinite insight and compassion for the mermaid who wears them. The older the mermaid, the more pearls.” - Margot Datz 



Eye Candy


Multi-Color Ripple Freshwater Pearl Necklace 



The astonishing array of iridescent rainbow colors on Freshwater Ripple pearls will never cease to amaze! 


At the End of the Rainbow: Pearl Colors


Pearl Colors


There are many precious gemstones that can display a rainbow of color; for example, Sapphire and Tourmaline can be found in EVERY color of the rainbow. Did you know that pearls can be seen in almost every color too? It's true! 

There is the exception of red - no pearls have ever been seen in a true, fire-engine red (unfortunately!) but we do have amazing intense pink colors that approach reds today. 

That said, let's take a look at the gorgeous array of colors available today!  


Pearl Colors: Lavender and Purple Pearls 


Lavender / Purple Pearls

Lavender pearls are one of three natural Freshwater pearl colors that the Freshwater pearl mussel produces. A soft, feminine color, Lavender pearls are a fashionable and romantic way to add a splash of unique color to any jewelry collection.
Meaning of Lavender Pearls: Lavender pearls are used to symbolize royalty, nobility, wisdom, creativity, artistry, love, compassion and complexity.

There are 2 types of naturally colored Lavender pearls. They are:

  • Lavender Freshwater
  • Lavender to Purple “Edison” Freshwater

Pearl Colors: Pink and Peach Pearls

Peach and Pink Pearls

Pink and Peach pearls both fall under the same color of Pink/Peach, but for our purposes we will separate them out into two color categories. Soft, pastel and feminine, the Pink and Peach Freshwater pearls are a pretty and flirty way to add a touch of romance to any wardrobe

Meaning of Pink Pearls: Pink and Peach pearls represent love, romance, passion, kindness, compassion, loyalty and happiness.

There are two colors of naturally colored Pink to Peach pearls. They are:


Pearl Colors: Golden Pearls 


Gold Pearls

One of the largest and rarest pearls found around the world is Gold in color. They are Golden South Sea pearls, cultured in the Philippine Islands. Golden South Sea pearls have only been available to pearl lovers since the late 1970s, and are known as the “Rolls Royce” of cultured pearls. Lesser known, but still beautiful in their own right are naturally-colored Golden Akoya pearls, primarily from Vietnam.
Meaning of Gold Pearls: Golden pearls symbolize wealth, prosperity, good health, success, wisdom and longevity.
There are 2 types of Gold pearls. They are:
  • Golden South Sea
  • Golden Akoya

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9-11mm Tahitian & Freshwater Multicolor Pearl Necklace - AAA Quality

9-11mm Multi-Color Tahitian, Freshwater and South Sea Pearl Necklace

This necklace exudes a beautiful combination of Tahitian South Sea, Golden South Sea, and Freshwater Cultured pearls. The necklace begins with 9mm pearls in the back and graduates perfectly to a beautiful 11mm Tahitian pearl centerpiece. The strand is AAA quality with 'Very High' grade luster, our highest grade available.
A gorgeous and exquisite strand compiled of brilliant White South Sea pearls, Golden South Sea pearls, Multi-Colored Peach and Lavender Freshwater Pearls and Black Tahitians, all round pearls with gorgeous luster. The necklace comes affixed with an elegant clasp. Premium clasps are also available at checkout. Included with this item is a complementary pearl care kit, giving you the ability to maintain this necklace's elegant beauty for years to come.

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