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Bridal Jewellery Trends- the Pearl Edit

Bridal Jewellery The Pearl Edit

Earlier this year, during Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s formal wedding celebrations, JLo’s choice of pearls as her bridal jewellery made this lustrous sea-gem a glamourous choice for brides-to-be everywhere. In fact, two separate jewellery looks from her wedding day really stood out. First, the strikingly chic South Sea pearl and diamond earrings that she wore while walking down the aisle. Second, the pair of exquisitely demure pearl and diamond stud earrings and the layered neckmess of pearl necklaces that complemented her custom Ralph Lauren gown, which itself was adorned with layers upon layers of pearl strands. Needless to say, JLo’s pearl bridal jewellery added a special iridescence to her different wedding ensembles.

Jennifer Lopez Wedding Day pearls
Jennifer Lopez at her wedding reception (Image courtesy of OnTheJLo.com)

Pearls have always been a classic choice for weddings. According to popular folklore, wearing pearls as bridal jewellery brings joy into the lives of the newly married couple. Moreover, as a gem, they symbolize happiness, serenity and loyalty, and so are perfect for brides.

Pearl jewellery is effortlessly elegant and pairs just as well with a sophisticated, minimalist look as it does with opulent maximalism. For brides today, pearl jewellery means more than just a single-strand pearl necklace. Many brides are wearing pearl jewellery pieces that are crafted in bolder and more contemporary style. For a bride who wants to find the ideal balance between expressing her individual flair while still adhering to the traditional bridal aesthetic, modern, beautiful pearl jewellery is the obvious answer.

Here is an edit of the best pearl jewellery looks for a bride.

 Bridal Jewellery trends pearl edit

Akoya Pearl Necklaces ,Varying Lengths, Pearls of Joy

Pearl Chokers and Statement Necklaces

Chokers are having a real moment these days. On haute couture runways and on the high street, choker necklaces are everywhere. Pearl choker necklaces are feminine and easy to wear. As wedding day jewellery, they offer a sophisticated addition to a bride’s overall look. Two- or three-strand choker necklaces are an alluring choice. Alternately, a chunky, statement pearl necklace, or a layered look with a selection of pearl strands, are brilliant options as well. 

Bridal jewellery trends Pearl edit

White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Serena Earrings, Pearls of Joy

Dangling Earrings

Earrings are a piece of jewellery that elevate any bridal look. Selecting the right earrings is an important step in a creating a well-considered and cohesive bridal look. Also, well-chosen bridal earrings are a versatile jewelled accessory. Not only do they embellish the bridal look on the wedding day, they can be worn with different outfits, long after the wedding festivities are over. Dangling earrings set with pearls are absolute head turners. They are bold and striking. Yet, they can also convey a softly romantic and flirtatious vibe. Skinny earrings with pearl drops or over-the-top chandeliers with pearl tassels, dangling pearl earrings are an outrageously stylish choice as bridal jewellery.

South Sea Pearl Lina Earrings, Pearls of Joy

Sleek, Geometric Designs

From the straight lines of the Art Deco to the clean forms and abstractions of Mid-century modern style, geometric designs have long captured the imagination of jewellery designers and wearers alike. For brides, pearls set in distinctly geometric designs are a popular option. This is because these jewellery pieces promise the best of both worlds - pearls for a traditional wedding day feel, and avant garde designs, so that the overall bridal look is ultra-fashionable. 

Bridal Jewellery trends pearl edit

Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace, Pearls of Joy

Baroque Pearls

Baroque pearls are the ultimate gem to make a personal style statement. Because of their irregular shapes, no two baroque pearls are exactly alike. This makes them unique and truly one of a kind. What’s more, due to their "perfectly imperfect" silhouettes and superb lustre, jewellery designers often set them in  creatively artistic jewellery pieces. Baroque pearl jewellery is luxuriously trendy. Worn as drop earrings, as a single strand statement necklace or even set in a cocktail ring, for brides on their wedding day, baroque pearls are the perfect attention-grabbing accessory.
Pearl jewellery is a timeless choice for brides-to-be everywhere. In fact, apart from their uniquely charming aesthetic, the symbolism attached to pearls makes them a meaningful option for all brides on their wedding day.
Featured Image: Jennifer Lopez on her wedding day (Image courtesy of John Russo, OnTheJLo.com)
Reema Farooqui is a jewellery writer who loves pearls and pearl jewellery. You can find her on her website The Culture of Pearls or on Instagram at @thecultureofpearls  

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