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Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Show 2013 - Day 3

Day 3 and back to Heng Mei, this time we start with multicolor Souffle pearls. The majority on offer were extremely poor quality but with a bit of patience and a lot of luck we nabbed a handful of intense pearls.

inspecting the Souffle pearlsa pile of multicolored Souffle pearlshandpicking the pearlsone of Souffle pearl of excellent qualitya souffle pearl with wonderful lustermulticolored souffle pearla pair of souffle pearlsvery light colored souffle pearlgolden souffle pearl with metallic luster
metallic souffle pearlanother souffle pearl with electric lustera group of beautifully shaped souffle pearlssouffle pearls with a fascinating shapepair of pearls with an metallic lustera row of metallic souffle pearlsmetallic pearls in a different light and angle

While sorting Souffles we received a very welcome interruption by one of the staff at Heng Mei, deep dark purple matched pairs. Yes we're interested!

dark purple matched pearlsa closer look at the pearlsa pair of matched pearls in a deep, dark purple color

Ok back to the task at hand, this time silver/blue Souffle pearls. Again most were dull and heavily blemished but we persevered and pulled out some really special pieces. These pearls are a lot like the electric free form baroques we found on day 2 but of course much larger. Alana calls them "Electric Soufflés", it seems to describe them perfectly.

a bundle of silver/blue Souffle pearlsgetting started on the search for best souffle pearlsa pile of the handpicked pearlsclose up of one silver/blue Souffle pearla single Souffle pearlthree souffle pearls from different angleshandpicked Souffle pearls - top viewSouffle pearls with beautiful luster and shapesbeautiful pearls with electric lustera colorful Souffle pearlSouffle pearls with metallic lusterclose up of the Souffle pearlsanother fascinating Souffle pearldifferent sized Souffle pearlsmeticulously handpicked pearls to bring home

Then it was on to full strands. I went through every box of strands in the pic below and was able to cherry pick a handful of uniform color metallic. You would think its easy to spot the metallics but under intense lights your eyes start to play tricks on you. These strands are no illusion however, just pure metallic.

searching for metallic pearlsstrands of different colored metallic pearlsa close up of the strandsanother shot of the metallic pearlsstrands of pearls in different colorsa closer view of the pearls

With a good haul in the bag we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel and rest up.

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