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Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Show 2013 - Day 2

Posted by Kevin Canning on 9/12/2013 to General
We left day 2 with blurry eyes, sore feet, and big smiles. With Tahitians pearls checked off the shopping list, we switched focus to South Sea baroques and more freshwater pearls. First up we found a small lot of intense blue South Sea pearls. After a bit of negotiating, I was able to grab a handful of the very best ones. I'm not sure what we're planning to do with them, but we'll figure that out back at the office.

single blue south sea pearl a tray of blue South Sea Pearls a pair of blue South Sea pearls a single South Sea pearl on close up a handful of stunning blue South Sea pearls blue South Sea Pearls another shot of blue South Sea Pearls

While not on the official shopping list, Alana wouldn't let me pass on some super intense blue Akoya pearls. I gently reminded her that I don't even carry them as a regular item, but when she's right she's right, so in the bag they went.

beautiful strands of Akoya pearls a close up of the blue Akoya Pearls

Hoping to avoid anymore impulse buys we headed straight for Heng Mei's booth to start hunting for some truly unique freshwater pearls. It may seem glamorous to buy pearls, however the truth is, it takes many hours of picking through thousands and thousands of pearls to find the one of a kind.

at Heng Mei's booth a pair of bead-nucleated pearls another angle that shows their stunning shape bead-nucleated pearls with striking colors four golden pearls in different hues a single bead-nucleated pearl meticulously inspecting each pearl white and light pink pearls a group of golden pearls from Heng Mei gorgeous golden pearl with great lustre a handful of bead-nucleated gold pearls close up of a pair of Heng Mei's pearls gold bead-nucleated pearls from Heng Mei the pearls in different hues and lustres golden metallic pearls from Heng Mei a single pearls with gorgeous metallic luster a close up of a bead nucleated pearl another close up of a Heng Mei Pearl two bead-nucleated pearl on close up beautiful fireball freshwater pearls wonderful luster on the fireball pearls top view of the pearls Heng Mei's fireball freshwater pearls full view of the pearls' fireball shape another shot of their beautiful shapes a pair of beautifully shaped pearls metallic freshwater pearls four freshwater fireball pearls golden, metallic pearls from Heng Mei top view of the pearls inspecting each pearl a group of golden baroque pearls a handful of beautiful baroque pearls

With the bead-nucleated freshwater pearls picked over and in the bag we moved on to free form baroque freshwaters. What these little pearls lack in size they make up for in color. Some of these nuggets look positively electric.

examining the free form baroque pearls a pair of baroque freshwater pearls freshwater pearls with magnificent electric luster another close up of the pearls free form baroque pearls impressive electric luster smooth free form baroque pearls a bundle of golden free form baroque pearls baroque pearls in a lighter gold nuggets of beautiful baroque pearls a pair of golden pearl nuggets lighter colored pearl nuggets free form baroque pearls in a darker gold freshwater free form baroque pearls a good day with Heng Mei Pearl

So there you have it, day 2 in a nutshell. Stay tuned for day 3...

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Date 9/12/2013
Hey! That's Betty Sue King in the background!
Date 9/12/2013
Kevin Canning
it sure is! First time we've met, she's a total sweetheart.
Date 9/12/2013
Blaire Beavers
Shopping with the best - Betty Sue! You guys should look thrashed, but you look like you're ready for more. Have fun!

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