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Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Show 2013 - Day 1

Around 5:00am I started tossing and turning, equal parts of excitement and jet lag have left me unable to sleep. Today is day one of the Hong Kong Jewellery and gem show and I couldn't wait to see what’s going to be on offer this year. The trick to remember is, we have several days to enjoy the show and we can't possibly see everything in one day.

hong kong jewellery and gem show

Once we arrived at the show the very first booth we visited had a ton of great metallic pearls, including something we’ve never seen before; graduated, perfectly round, metallic freshwater strands. The color and luster on these pearls was stunning! Luckily we were able to grab a small handful of strands before word got out.

assorted pearls
close up of assorted pearls
a tray of metallic pearls
strands of metallic pearls
strands of metallic freshwater pearls
close up of strands of graduated metallic pearls
graduated, metallic pearl strands
inspecting a tray of metallic, freshwater pearls
colorful metallic pearl strands
a strand of metallic, freshwater pearls
close up of black, metallic pearls
strands of black, freshwater pearls
assorted colored strands of metallic pearls

They have also started to match giant exotic colored fireballs into strands. We didn't pick any up but may consider a few on Day 2.

a strand of exotic colored fireballs

while walking the floor we ran into the big man himself, Peter Bazar of Imperial-Deltah and the Cultured Pearl Association of America.

with Peter Bazar of Imperiel-Deltah and the CPAA

There was an interesting selection of natural color Akoya pearls with beautiful silver blues and multi colors on disply.

close up image of silver-blue akoya pearls
strands of beautiful akoya pearls
silver-blue akoya pearls
close up strands of akoya pearls
multi-colored pearl strands

As well as a few not so natural Akoya strands... (no thanks)

strings of orange dyed pearls
pink dyed pearls

Now on to Tahitians, Alana spotted a few drool worthy matched strands but unfortunately those weren't on the shopping list.

strands of matched Tahitian pearls
a tray of matched Tahitians
close up of a matched Tahitian pearl strand

The main goal of day 1 was to grab a few lots of Tahitians, as they tend to get picked over pretty quick. I purchased more then I needed, but we managed to get a great deal on 3 big lots with amazing color. Stay tuned to see what we have planned for them...

Orau Pearls
a tray of beautiful Tahitian pearls
stunning close up of Tahitian pearls
picking out the best of the lot

Can you tell I was surprised he took my offer?

with a few bags of Tahitian pearls
deciding on the Tahitians to purchase
having a nice chat with Orau Pearls' dealer
tray of carefully chosen Tahitian pearls
packing the pearls to take home
assorted pearl types in one tray
a tray of Tahitian pearls
a close up of the pearls
Tahitian pearls in different shapes, colors, and sizes
a closer look at the beautiful Tahitian pearls
another close up of the stunning pearls
with Orau Pearls' representative

On to day number two, we can't wait to see what we find today. Check back tomorrow for updates!

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