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Cherry / Peacock Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are the only naturally “black” pearls and a perennial favorite among pearl connoisseurs. The dyed black freshwater and black Akoya pearls are certainly nice(and affordable) but the colors are predictable, since of course they are created using treatments.

Now black Tahitian pearls on the other hand are au natural (the color that is) and a stunning reminder of the exotic, adventure filled locales they hail from. "Black" Tahitian pearls are not technically black but instead the term is used to refer to their dark appearance. Ranging in color from light silver to chocolate browns the body color and overtones combinations are seemingly endless. Just when I think I’ve seen it all I stumble across a new variation.

assorted tahitian pearls
The incredible variety of colors available in Tahitian pearls.

It’s always fun to paw through large lots of Tahitian pearls looking for those rare colors but for the most part those are one off pearls (I’m still hunting for the perfect blue Tahitian for myself) and not something you can create a line of jewelry around. Last week however we got lucky with a very special delivery...

Real cherry tahitian pearls
raw un-photoshopped photo of our cherry/peacock Tahitian pearls.

Normally we purchase lots of Tahitian pearls that are matched to size, shape, grade and sometimes color but rarely do have full lots of perfect AAA grade cherry/peacock Tahitian pearls. Last week we were fortunate enough to secure a small lot of these and we’re excited to offer a line(very limited quantities) of pendants to showcase these pearls. 9-10mm, AAA grade with the most intense peacock and cherry overtones we've seen in a long time. These pearls have a vibrancy that jumps out at you, the pictures do not do them justice.

We don’t have enough matched pairs to offer earrings as a regular product but if you contact me directly I may be able to match a couple of pairs.

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