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Pearl Pricing Guide

How Much To Spend on Pearls

Fine pearl jewelry can cost anywhere from $100 to tens of thousands of dollars. With all the different pearl types available these days, it's easy to become a little lost when figuring out how much you should spend on top quality pearls. This handy guide will point you in the right direction quickly and easily by showing you what prices you should expect buying pearls online.

Akoya Pearl Prices

Akoya Pearl Prices Range from $100 - $10,000

Cultured Akoya pearls from Japan are a mid to high-priced pearl type ... and by far, the most popular choice for shoppers of all stripes.

Known for their perfectly round pearl shapes, ball-bearing like luster and clean, white colors, saltwater Akoya pearls are considered "The Classic White Pearl" to own.

Akoya pearls tend to be the smaller-sized pearls of all the major pearl types, and range in size from 4.0mm at their smallest to 9.5mm and rarely 10.0mm at their very largest and rarest size. They are a mid-range sized, versatile pearl type well-suited to elegant jewelry styles for all occasions.

Akoya Pearl Earrings $99 - $1,200

Akoya Pearl Necklaces $350 - $10,000

Akoya Pearl Jewelry Sets $689 - $1,700

Akoya Pearl Bracelets $250 - $600

Akoya Pearl Pendants $350 - $600

Tahitian Pearl Prices

Tahitian Pearl Prices Range from $200 - $20,000

Famous for their unique overtones, black Tahitian pearls are the naturally "black" saltwater pearls from the islands of French Polynesia.

While the pearls are officially called "black", Tahitian pearls actually present as a range of gray colors from light to very dark and jet black. Their overtones are what make them famous, and Tahitians' most popular overtones are peacock, steel, green, blue-green and rarely aubergine and pistachio.

Tahitian pearls are one of the larger cultured pearl types available on the market today, and range in size from 9.0mm to 15.0mm on average, and sometimes even larger that. Due to their unique colors and larger than average sizes, Tahitian pearls are always guaranteed to make a splash.

Tahitian Pearl Earrings $325 to $1,100

Tahitian Pearl Necklaces $525 - $20,000

Tahitian Pearl Pendants $225 - $1,000

South Sea Pearl Prices

South Sea Pearl Prices Range from $300 - $50,000

White and Golden South Sea pearls are known as the "Queen" and "Rolls Royce" of pearls, respectively.

South Sea pearls are farmed in Northern Australia and the Philippine Islands, and are available in natural shades of White and Gold. They are known and revered for their extremely thick nacre, softer, glowing luster and lightly visible rainbow iridescence.

Both South Sea pearl types are the largest of all cultured pearl types in the world, and typically range from 9.0mm up to 16.0mm and larger. Due to their larger than life sizes and stunning natural colors, South Sea pearls will always be a luxurious and eye-catching choice.

South Sea Pearl Earrings $525 - $4,500

South Sea Pearl Necklaces $1,200 - $40,000

South Sea Pearl Pendants $350 - $3,000

Freshwater Pearl Prices

Freshwater Pearl Prices Range from $75 - $3,000

Cultured freshwater pearls are grown in China, and are known for their pastel colors, near round shapes and solid crystalline structure, making them one of the most durable pearl types to buy.

Characterized by their flattering pastel colors of pink/peach, white and lavender, cultured freshwater pearls are a fresh and budget-friendly way to own fine pearl jewelry without spending a fortune.

Freshwater pearls are a small to mid-sized pearl type, ranging from 5.0mm through 12.0mm or so. Recent developments in pearl culturing techniques have yielded freshwater pearls reaching up to 15.0mm in size and even larger, so these pearls are definitely a variety that you'll want to keep an eye on in the future.

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