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The Wide World of Pearls - South Sea Shimmer Issue #4

Pearl Quote of the Week: "A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls." - CoCo Chanel



Eye Candy


Couture South Sea Pearl Rope Necklaces at Hong Kong Jewelry Show

We see pearl strands like this every show, always behind glass, always with a jaw dropping price tag (at least six figures), and always worth a stop to look/drool. The size and value of these strands makes them seem more like a museum piece than something one might actually wear out in public.

Regardless of price, just the weight alone would make them impossible for most to wear for more than a short time. But I'm sure there's a few readers that would be willing to give a shot  ;).

If you'd like to see more incredible pearls, click the link and head over to my blog!

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Q: Where are South Sea pearls farmed?

Jewelmer Pearl Farm in the Philippines

A: You're invited to take a trip with us to Flower Island in the Philippines! A paradise of palms, sand, sun, sea and of course - South Sea pearls. Get an exclusive look behind the scenes to see what it's like to live and work on a Jewelmer Golden South Sea Pearl Farm ... 

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Review of The Week

Featured Jewelry

White South Sea Baroque Pearl Rope Necklace

32" Baroque White South Sea Pearl Necklace: 8.34-13.75mm AA+/AAA
These stunning South Sea pearls are a stunning tribute to nature. Their organic baroque shapes give them a beautiful "from the sea" appearance and makes them a true one-of-a-kind work of art.

Each pearl has spent 2-4 years growing in the warm tropical waters of Australia and the Philippine Islands. Once harvested each pearl was carefully sorted and processed, with only a gentle cleaning and tumble in walnut shells. These pearls have not received any color enhancement or heat treatment. 

The South Sea necklace shown in the photo and listed here is the EXACT strand you will receive, and when finished, is approximately 32" in length.


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