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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 60th Issue: Celebrating the 4th of July with COLOR

Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "Why she is a pearl, whose price hath launched a thousand ships, and turned crowned kings to merchants." -  William Shakespeare



Eye Candy

Weekly Eye Candy Spotlight: Rainbow Colored Freshwater Pearl Drops



These Freshwater drops are so saturated it's like they were painted. In honor of the 4th of July, we had to choose the most colorful, pretty pearls we've ever seen to feature for our Eye-Candy section.


You Ask ...We Answer.

Colorful Pearls


Pearls of Joy: An Ode to Pearl Color 

This weekend marks the 4th of July holiday - our Independence Day. We hope you all are out barbequing and getting ready to enjoy some early fireworks.

But if you're not, or if you missed them we've got a little fireworks show of our own, just for you! We've collected some of the most colorful, beautiful pearl images we've run across over the years. This montage will be image-heavy and text light for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the Show! 


Colorful Ripple Pearls

White and Multi-Color Strands of Freshwater "Ripple" Pearls


Green and Peacock Edison Pearl

Emerald Green and Peacock Freshwater Edison Pearl


Opal Nucleated Tahitian pearls

Opal nucleated Tahitian pearls, hand-carved to reveal the precious gemstones inside. 


Conch Pearls

Display of natural, exotic pearls including Abalone, Conch, Clam and Melo Melo.


Souffle Pearls

Stunning Soufflé Freshwater pearl with electric luster and Orient.


Edison Pearls

Intensely colorful Freshwater Edison pearls.


Purple Edison Pearl Necklace

Large, naturally-colored Purple Edison Freshwater pearl necklace.


Colorful Ripple Pearls

Rainbow oil-slick colors! Loose matched Freshwater Ripple pearls.


Blue Akoya Pearls

Naturally-colored Blue Akoya pearls. 


Golden South Sea Pearls

 Golden South Sea pearl harvest, ranging in depth from 22K to 24K Golden tone. 


Colorful Edison Pearls

 Naturally-colored Edison pearls in a riot of color!



Purple Metallic Edison Pearls

 Pinkish-purple Edison pearls with saturated Bronze overtones


Tahitian Baroque Pearls

 Super saturated Tahitian Baroque pearls.


Souffle Pearls

 Green and Pink Soufflé Freshwater pearls. 


Metallic White Freshwater Pearls

 Metallic White Freshwater pearls - Wowza! 


Tahitian Pearl Necklace

 Incredibly colorful Tahitian pearl necklace from Rikitea, French Polynesia.


Pastel Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

 Pretty pastel-colored Freshwater pearls.


Tahitian Pearls

 Silver and Blue Tahitians. 


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Featured Pearls

 10-12mm South Sea & Freshwater Multicolor Pearl Necklace


10-12mm South Sea & Freshwater Multicolor Pearl Necklace

  • This multicolor Tahitian, Golden and Freshwater necklace features 10-12mm pearls, handpicked for their radiant luster
  • The pearls are strung and double-knotted with the finest silk thread
  • This strand can be purchased with an official appraisal by the GLA (Gemological Laboratory of America)
  • This item is packaged in a beautiful jewelry gift box
  • Included with this item is a complementary pearl polishing cloth


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