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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 61st Issue: Guide to Picking the PERFECT Pearl Necklace Length


Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls." -  Coco Chanel



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This STUNNING strand of Freshwater Ripple pearls is a long, sexy pearl rope necklace. Check out the oil slick rainbow iridescence of these rare and unique pearls!



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Pearl Necklace Length Guide



Pearl Necklace Length Guide

Ever wonder whether you should be buying the 16 or 18-inch length pearl necklace? Or what a "pearl rope" is? Well keep reading, as we've got a quick guide to picking out the PERFECT pearl necklace length just for you (with pictures!). Enjoy! 


16-Inch Choker Pearl Necklace Length

16-Inch Choker Length Pearl Necklace

A choker pearl necklace will range from 14-16" and will sit above the collar bone on most women. This is a popular choice for young ladies, petite women or wearing with a high neckline.


18-Inch Princess Pearl Necklace Length


18-Inch Princess Length Pearl Necklace

Without a question this is the most popular length of pearl necklace sold throughout the world. A princess-length Akoya pearl necklace will go with almost anything and any neckline, from dinner dresses to a T-shirt and jeans. If a woman owns just one strand of pearls, it's our opinion that it should be a classic 18-inch pearl necklace.


20-Inch Matinee Pearl Necklace Length


20-24-Inch Matinee Length Pearl Necklace

A mid-length matinee pearl necklace, at 20-24 inches, is great with business attire or a dress. While classically this length would be reserved for semi-formal events, many women will rock strands of this length with casual clothing.


36-Inch Opera Pearl Necklace Length


36-Inch Opera Length Pearl Necklace

The opera pearl strand is 28-36 inches in length. The strand may be worn in two styles; a long elegant single strand, or doubled on itself and turned into a highly versatile, shorter length. In recent years we've seen a trend of women wearing multiple layers of opera length strands.


51-Inch Rope Pearl Necklace Length


51-Inch Rope Length Pearl Necklace

The rope style pearl necklace is very luxurious and highly sexy! There's something incredibly satisfying about having a rope of pearls draped around the neck.


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 Pearl Jewelry Spotlight: Top Range Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklace 8.5-9.0mm



"Top Range" Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklace: 8.5-9.0mm

Each 18" strand comes with a numbered certificate issued by the Pearl Science Lab of Japan and has undergone a lengthy testing process to ensure each pearl in the strand meets the strict standards necessary to receive a Hanadama grade. These pearls have the thickest, cleanest nacre out of any Akoya pearl on earth, and it is this thick nacre that produces the truly breathtaking luster exhibited.

Hanadama pearls represent the top .01% of the Japanese harvest, which makes the supply of these pearls very limited and unpredictable. Like all of our necklaces, this strand is knotted between each pearl for safety and strung with only the finest twin silk.


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