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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 37th Issue: The Most Expensive Pearls in the World, Sunday June 11th


Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "Real friendship, like real poetry, is extremely rare and precious as a pearl." - Tahar Ben Jelloun



Eye Candy

Eye Candy Pearl Spotlight: Cowdray Pearl Necklace

Photo courtesy of Christie's Auctions



The legendary Cowdray Black Pearl Necklace is a natural black pearl necklace consisting of stunningly beautiful natural pearls shining with multi-hued Aubergine, Green, Peacock, Silver and Mink Overtones, laid over a Light Dove to Medium-Dark Charcoal Grey body colors.

These stunning pearl colors are extremely reminiscent of the famous cultured Tahitian pearls with their palette of Peacock, Aubergine and Green Overtones. This absolutely gorgeous single strand natural pearl necklace graduates from 6.8-11.4mm, and features 38 pearls of exceptional quality, and finished with a large mixed-cut rectangular diamond clasp.

Originally owned by Lady Pearson, the Viscountess Cowdray, the Cowdray Pearl Necklace initially sold at auction at Christie’s London for $3 million, and later again went to auction at Sotheby’s Auction in Hong Kong where it fetched a cool $5.3 million. We can see why.


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Common Customer Questions: What is the Most Expensive Pearl in the World


What is the MOST Expensive Pearl Necklace in the World?

Why it's La Peregrina of course!

La Peregrina, also known as “The Pilgrim” or the “The Wanderer”. This large, gorgeous natural pearl got its name due to its 500 year journey through history and royal collections. Originally found in the Gulf of Panama by an African slave, La Peregrina was brought back to Spain, and presented to King Philip II who gifted it to his bride to be, Mary I of England. Upon her death, La Peregrina returned to the Crown Jewels of Spain, and remained there for 250 years.

By 1808, Joseph Bonaparte – Napoleon’s older brother – became King of Spain. He was forced to abdicate his throne in 1811, and La Peregrina was among the treasures that he took with him in his flight. The pearl was willed to Napoleon III after his death, and La Peregrina eventually was sold to the Duke of Abercorn in England. It stayed within the family’s collection for nearly a century before finally being purchased at auction by actor Richard Burton in 1969 for $37,000.00.

La Peregrina Pearl Necklace Sketch by Cartier  

Burton famously gifted La Peregrina to his wife, Elizabeth Taylor – a known jewelry and pearl connoisseur. Taylor treasured her Valentine’s Day gift, and wore it often in many configurations over the decades, until she had the jeweler Cartier create a show stopping necklace of pearls, rubies and diamonds to showcase the gem.

Taylor could be seen wearing La Peregrina until her death, and the pearl was sent to Christie’s Auction House in 2011, where it sold to a private buyer for an astounding $11.8 Million.  


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Featured Pearls

 Featured Pearls of Joy Product Spotlight: "Dew Drop" Diamond Tahitian Pearl Pendant and Stud Earring Set


"Dew Drop" Diamond Tahitian Pearl Pendant and Stud Earring Set

Sparkling like a drop of morning dew shining upon a flower petal, the "Dew Drop" this Tahitian pearl pendant and earring set is a gorgeous way to showcase your love for pearls and diamonds!

The beautiful Tahitian pearl pendant is accented by a bezel set VS1 clarity diamond (.04ct), and is matched with a classic pair of Tahitian stud earrings. 14K Gold 16/18-Inch Adjustable box chain is included with purchase. Using the menu above you can customize this set with your preferred pearl size.


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