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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 28th Issue: Hey There, Hanadama 🥰


Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "Give a girl the right Pearls, and she can conquer the World." - Unknown Author

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 Hello Hanadama Pearls



Every year, the Christmas Season sees us selling out of our most popular and beloved pearls: Hanadama Akoya Pearls ... and this year was no exception! 

Throw in the COVID crises and our inventory was hurting in a big way ... NO ONE had any Hanadama pearls, and we had to turn away so many customers. 

Good news, Pearl Lovers - our Hanadama pearls are back in stock, and we're still running our 15% Off Valentine's Day Sale, so it's not too late to get in on this excellent deal. Get yours here:


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You Ask ... We Answer.

 What are Natural Color Hanadama Pearls

What are Untreated Hanadama? 

For over 100 years, cultured Akoya pearls have gone through a process called “bleaching and pinking” … and it’s such a standard practice, that this ‘treatment’ is not disclosed on gemology reports or even considered necessary to disclose during a sale for Akoya pearls. It's simply part of how Akoya pearls are cultured.

Natural color Hanadama pearls are pearls that skip all of that.

They are naturally beautiful at harvest-time, and do not need any extra steps to become jewelry quality. 

Natural color Hanadama pearls are additionally certified by the PSL as having ZERO treatments of any kind … they’re handled like South Sea pearls after harvest, in which the pearls are removed from the oyster, scrubbed in a salt slurry and then polished with bamboo chips to bring out their shine.

That’s it.

Because the pearls are naturally beautiful, the rate of luster and Aurora effect are more visibly pronounced, making for an overall prettier pearl.

And it’s all guaranteed by the PSL.


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Featured Pearls

"Top Range" Natural Color Hanadama Akoya Pearl Studs, 7.5-8.0mm


"Top Range" Natural Color Hanadama Akoya Pearl Studs, 7.5-8.0mm

A brand-new collection for women that appreciate, no deserve, the highest quality pearls possible. Natural white Hanadama are Pearl Science Laboratory certified Hanadama pearls, with the added twist of being completely untreated.

Nearly all Akoya pearls are treated to some degree, but these natural white Hanadama are natural in color. That means no bleaching, no treatments and no enhancements. To say these pearls are merely rare, would border on malpractice. 

These are quite possibly the highest quality and rarest pearls available, period. 

Because of the difficulty in sourcing untreated pearls of this quality quantities are extremely limited. 


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