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Pearl Jewellery Trends for Fall 2022

Fall jewellery is always about making a statement.  After the flirty pastels of summer, fall brings with it richer colours and jewellery  pieces that are undeniably conversation starters.

The jewellery trends for this season are exciting, glamourous and unexpected in equal parts. There is no room for staleness, which adds to the drama and spectacle of the overall fall look. Here are some noteworthy trends that will define the jewellery look for this coming season.

Clockwise Left to Right:  Simone Rocha (Pearls), Pearls of Joy Akoya Black Pearl Bracelet, Pearls of Joy Tahitian Multicolour Pearl Opera Length Necklace , Givenchy/ WireImage (Pearls), Pearls of Joy White Freshwater Pearl Necklace Gem-Quality

More Pearls Please

2022 can easily be called the Year of Pearls. Pearl jewellery has been recognized as the quintessential statement of style and panache since the beginning of the year. The good news for pearl jewellery lovers is that this lustrous gem continues to be seen everywhere. From high fashion runways to high street style, “pearlcore” is the most rocking look of the season. The overall aesthetic leans towards modern designs and maximalism with  touch of playfulness. Bold and eye-catching statement pearls are the way to go.

Commenting on this palpable shift towards pearls as a style defining gem, pearl expert and CEO of Pearls of Joy, Kevin Canning observed, “Pearls have always been popular with more mature demographics. With Gen Z we may be finally seeing a younger generation falling in love with pearls. The trend of "pearl core" aesthetics and even young men embracing pearls is proof that change is in the air.”

Clockwise Left to Right: Pearls of Joy Tahitian Pearl Tin Cup Jasper Necklace, Isabel Marrant (Fringe) , Pearls of Joy Freshwater Pearl Jasper Earrings, Valentino (Fringe), Pearls of Joy Golden South Sea Pearls and Diamonds Double Tears Earrings

Tassels and Fringes

Fringe jewellery pieces are whimsical and have a definite personality about them. This year, fringes are everywhere. From fringe necklaces to belts, dripping strands of coloured gems, beads and pearls, fringes are the standout look for the season. However, it is fringe earrings that are really creating a stir. Strands of gems suspended from the ear that gently sway with every movement, a touch of subtle flamboyance that underscores wonderful elegance. Reminiscent of the 20’s flapper era but with a more contemporary interpretation, fringe jewellery is a must-have for this season.

Clockwise Left to Right: Pearls of Joy Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Braided Ring, Pearls of Joy Freshwater Pearl Lea Pendant, Pearls of Joy Golden South Sea Pearls and Diamonds Dahlia Earrings,  Carolina Herrera/Getty Images (Flowers)

Floral Motifs

Even though summer is almost over, the floral motif continues to be seen in many jewellery pieces. From necklaces adorned with bejewelled flowers to sculptural rings with floral designs, flower themed jewellery is both romantic and adds a lovely focal point to any look. Even a small blossom-shaped clasp on a bracelet is a sweet detail that can elevate a casual outfit.


Clockwise Left to Right:Pearls of JoyFreshwater Pearl Y-Shape Necklace, Pearls of Joy Opera-Length Japanese Akoya Necklace , Pearls of Joy Japanese Akoya Celeste Necklace,  Versace (Layers), Oscar de la Renta (Layers), Pearls of Joy Triple Akoya Pearl Bracelet

Layers and Layers

Choker necklaces continue to make headlines. While this past summer saw chunky chokers set with large beads and gems, the trend for fall is a layered look. Why wear one choker necklace when you can pair it with a collar or even a lariat? Wearing two or even three necklaces of different colours, lengths and finishes is the ultimate look for this season. Or strands upon strands of pearls, in a mix of sizes and lengths all worn together to create a harmonious yet interesting statement.

A bejewelled wrist is also just as much en vogue. Be it a single, unique piece or a stack of bracelets and bangles, wrist jewellery is a definite way to add sparkle and verve to your fall look. Styling an enviable “neckmess” as well as putting on head-turning wrist-candy is a fun and cool way to show your personal style.

Fall Jewellery Trends 

Jason Wu/Getty Images(Hoops), Pearls of Joy White Freshwater Pearl Tess Earrings, Pearls of Joy Golden South Sea Pearls and Diamonds June Earrings

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are back and in a big way. Different versions of the classic hoop earrings, from sleek medium hoops to more embellished larger ones continue to make their mark. However, half-hoops are just as popular and give a contemporary feel to this timeless jewellery piece.

Fall Jewellery Trends 

Getty Images ;Pantone (Orange), Pearls of Joy Tahitian South Sea Pearl Zoe Ring,  StyleDuMonde (Yellow),  Pearls of Joy Golden South Sea Pearls Linda Earrings

Best Colours for Fall

Last but not least, the most coveted colours for Autumn 2022 are different tones of medium to dark orange, warm browns and mellow yellows, dark pinks going into vibrant magentas as well as pine and hunter greens. These colours are best complemented with jewellery pieces set  with cherry pink, silvery green and peacock Tahitians as well as medium to deep gold South Sea pearls.

The right jewellery pieces can effortlessly elevate a look from casual to stylish. In short, there is no boring jewellery look to be had this autumn.

Reema Farooqui is a content writer who loves pearls and pearl jewellery. You can find her on her website The Culture of Pearlsor on Instagram at @thecultureofpearls 



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