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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 70th Issue: Pearl Jewellery Trends for Fall by The Culture of Pearls



Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "I love how easy pearls are to wear with anything and everything.” - Louise Linton



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Weekly Eye Candy Spotlight: Metallic Lavender and Purple Freshwater Pearls



Sorting Purple and Lavender Metallic Freshwater pearls on a rainy day. Perfect.



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Fall Pearl Jewelry Trends 2022


Pearl Jewellery Trends for Fall 2022

Fall jewellery is always about making a statement.  After the flirty pastels of summer, fall brings with it richer colours and jewellery  pieces that are undeniably conversation starters.

The jewellery trends for this season are exciting, glamourous and unexpected in equal parts. There is no room for staleness, which adds to the drama and spectacle of the overall fall look. 


Fall Pearl Jewelry Trends 2022


Tassels and Fringes

Fringe jewellery pieces are whimsical and have a definite personality about them. This year, fringes are everywhere. From fringe necklaces to belts, dripping strands of coloured gems, beads and pearls, fringes are the standout look for the season. However, it is fringe earrings that are really creating a stir.

Strands of gems suspended from the ear that gently sway with every movement, a touch of subtle flamboyance that underscores wonderful elegance. Reminiscent of the 20’s flapper era but with a more contemporary interpretation, fringe jewellery is a must-have for this season.

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 Weekly Product Spotlight: Pearl Studded Hoop Earrings



White Freshwater Pearl Tess Earrings

Simplicity and elegance have never made such a perfect combination. A beautiful ring of 4.5-5.0mm white freshwater pearls on elegant 14K gold findings.

The earrings fall appx. 1 inch below the ear for that perfect look. Available in white or yellow gold finish.


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