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Blue South Sea Pearls - On Sale

Its been about 6 months since we stumbled upon this small lot of South Sea pearls. Not only were they HUGE but they had fantastic organic shapes and intense blue body colors. We spent 4 days walking the 2013 Hong Kong Gem Show and apart from this lot, we didn't come across anything similar, trust me, we looked!

small lot of blue south sea pearlscollection of baroque south pearls with intense blue color

The easy part was making the buy, the hard part was figuring out what to do with them. I tossed around a few different ideas but ultimately settled on a collection of pendants.

I knew an off the shelf setting wasn't going to do these pearls justice, pearls like these deserve a little extra attention. For the 3 largest pearls we made an octopus style setting and for the 3 smaller pearls we mixed it up a bit for a little variety - hey, not everybody loves octopi!

custom setting for blue south sea pearls

Last week I posted a picture of of one of the pendants on Facebook and the response was huge, our fans "get" these pearls - very cool! Its so great to see the general public really embrace the non-traditional pearls, I love where the industry is headed.

Its been a lot of fun working with these pearls and for me this is about as good as it gets - size, color and sexy curves, what more could you want? I know several customers have been patiently waiting for these pieces, and I sure hope you like the finished product as much as I do.

custom setting for blue south sea pearls

Click HERE to view the blue South Sea Pearl Pendants>>>

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