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March 2014 Hong Kong Pearl Show - This one's gonna be good!

Its been almost six months since I last left for Hong Kong, with the idea to photo-blog the pearl buying process. Lucky for me my GF Alana is an excellent photographer and as it turns out, has a pretty good eye for pearls as well. The end result was a huge hit, the pearl community seemed to really enjoy following along on our trip and getting a sneak peak into process of picking and matching pearls.

In just a couple days, we'll be landing in Hong Kong and doing it all over again. Just like last year we'll be buying pearls, taking photos and blogging every day from March 3rd - March 7th.

If anyone wants me to pick out something special or just wants to see more of a particular type of pearl, don't hesitate to contact me and let me know.

Here's a small sample of some of the pics we published last time, I hope you'll follow along with us this trip as well.
buying loose Tahitian Pearls
Fireball Pearls
Freshwater Ripple Pearls
Edison Pearls
Free Form Baroque Freshwater Pearls
Galatea Pearls
Souffle Pearls
beautiful statues at po lin monastery

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