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Sept. 2014 Hong Kong Gem Show - Day 3

Posted by Kevin Canning on 9/17/2014 to News
We started the day with a small change of plans, instead of heading to the Expo to sort pearls, we rushed off to the finished jewelry show to meet with Jacques Christophe Branellec of Jewelmer Pearl Company. I won't give away any details just yet but Jacques is pearl industry royalty and when he wants to meet with you, you don't turn him down.

Jewelmer Joaillerie brand logo

Jumbo Edison Necklace

While walking the show taking pictures, a vendor came up and said he had something to show us. When we got to his booth he opened a box to reveal a perfect strand of 36 flawless "fancy color" Edison pearls. I know what I was told the cost was, anybody care to guess the price tag?

perfect rare Edison pearl strand Edison pearls with a rare color three perfectly round Edison pearls close up of a rare colored Edison pearl

True Metallic Freshwater Pearls

I often get asked, "what is the difference between a AAA pearl and a metallic pearl?". More then just high luster, a true metallic pearl is a very specific type of luster that appears to come from within the pearl, as opposed to just on the surface. It takes a lot of work to sort true metallic pairs. We spent hours sorting top grade pearls, to make just a few cards of true metallic white pearls. Well worth the effort, we walked away with rounds and drops ranging from 7.5mm to 10mm.

true metallic freshwater pearls a single metallic freshwater pearl perfectly matched pairs of metallic pearls freshwater pearls with true metallic luster pairs of true metallic pearls matched pairs of freshwater pearls a bag of true metallic freshwater pearls pairs of freshwater pearls with metallic luster round metallic freshwater pearls freshwater pearls with beautiful metallic luster rows of perfectly matched metallic freshwater pearls

Freshwater Metallic Strands

We didn't get everything we needed today, but we got off to a good start. We managed to select a number of golden peach, multi-color and even a few "fancy color" strands.

strands of golden peach freshwater pearls rows of freshwater metallic strands close up of the metallic freshwater pearl strands multicolored strands of metallic pearls close up of the strands of freshwater metallic pearls golden peach and multicolored pearl strands multicolored metallic freshwater pearl strands colorful strands of metallic pearls strands of different colored freshwater pearls rare colored pearl strands close up of the rare colored freshwater pearls

Bags and Bags of Pearls!

With our eyes strained from the bright expo lights, we called it a day and headed over to a vendors office to select out some staples pieces. While it's not terribly exciting selecting 100+ white freshwater strands, it is pretty cool to see how many pearls they keep in their office at any one time.

 searching in a vendors office for white freshwater pearl strands

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Date 9/18/2014
The necklace might cost more than 50K bucks!
Date 9/24/2014
The studs look fabulous!

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