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Sept. 2014 Hong Kong Gem Show - Day 2

Baroque Akoya & Silver/Blue South Sea Pearls

We started the day at one of our favorite vendors, hoping he had baroque Akoyas and silver/blue South Sea pearls for us. At this point, he knows I love anything blue, so he had set aside a handful of pretty little 10mm baroque South Sea pearls and a number of Akoya strands, ranging from deep blue to pistachio. It sure makes life easy to have your pearls pre-selected for you -- he may know me too well!

baroque Akoya pearls
strands of blue Baroque pearls
blue baroque Akoya pearls
silver/blue Akoya pearls
silver/blue Akoya pearl strands
round Akoya pearl strands
Akoya pearls in different shades of blue
close up of the dark blue Akoya pearls
blue and pistachio colored pearls
silver Akoya pearls
silver baroque Akoya pearls
baroque pearls
a single silver Akoya baroque pearl
searching for Akoya pearls
a pair of silver Akoya pearls

Keshi Pearls

At the June gem show I picked up a handful of champagne keshi pearls, which sold out within hours of being listed on the website. This time I pulled around 30 strands in white, champagne and deep purple. Originally I planned on doing solid color strands, but Alana came up with the great idea to mix them into multi-color torsades. Keshi pearls on the mind, we moved on to loose pearls and spent an hour selecting out some beautiful metallic nuggets for earrings.

selecting strands of keshi pearls
golden keshi pearl strands
close up of the golden keshi pearls
keshi nuggets
purple keshi pearls
purple and gold keshi nuggets
a few undrilled keshi pearls
handful of keshi pearls with metallic luster
colorful undrilled keshi pearls
undrilled keshi pearls
white matched keshi pearls
white and multicolored keshi pearls in pairs

Holy Grail Ripples

With a couple more requests for Holy Grail ripples, we finished the day with a stop at Grace pearl to see what they had left. We added a few more strands and 3 pairs of undrilled ripples for pendants.

multicolored Holy Grail Ripple pearls
undrilled Holy Grail ripple pearls
ripple pearls with multicolored overtones
undrilled freshwater ripple pearls
a single ripple pearl from Grace Pearl
a pair of ripple pearls with colorful overtone
golden loose ripple pearls
loose ripple pearls from Grace Pearl

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