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Octopus Inspired Pearl Pendants

Posted by Kevin Canning on 11/25/2014
Earlier this year I debuted a collection of blue South Sea pearls, mounted on custom designed pendant settings. The clear favorite of the bunch was a fairly simple octopus inspired setting made of sterling silver. I remember thinking "well it's kinda out there but lets give it a go...". While not explicitly an octopus, there was something "of sea" about the setting that worked perfectly with the organic shapes of the baroque South Sea pearls.

After this recent buying trip September Hong Kong gem show, I found myself again thinking "why not" and decided to bring the setting out of retirement. I know this pendant isn't for everybody, so leave a comment below and let me know if this is something you would wear? If not tell me why?

As usual you can view any of my personally currated items by checking out my Maven Collection.

octopus styled pendant

Reader Comments

Date 11/25/2014
I have one and it's perfect with this pearl! Thanks Kevin!
Date 11/25/2014
ayup! It works!
Date 11/25/2014
no thanks, I'll take white pearls please.
Date 11/26/2014
Kerry Hall
I think the 'octopus' setting works perfectly with the unique shapes of the blue SS baroques. I love mine and am wearing it daily since receiving it last week! Quite appropriately, the setting also reminds me of seaweed! I would like to see this setting used with baroque Tahitians too. Thank you for my beautiful new treasure Kevin.
Date 2/4/2015
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Date 10/20/2015
Nancy Kimmons
I am interested in the unusual. I would like to see a large Baroque or unusual Single pearl for a drop.

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