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Sept 2014 Gem Show - Best Of Show

It's been a over a month since I've returned from Hong Kong and as usual I've had a large box of pearls in the corner of my office, patiently waiting to be sorted and turned into jewelry. This past week I finally made time to work with this new batch of pearls and get them ready to find a new "forever home".

If you're a fan of  Pearls of Joyyou would have already seen a small sneak peek, as well as an early chance at some of these pearls. For those that missed out here's a full look at some of my favorite pearls from this past gem show.

Baby Ripples

The one disappointment from the last gem show was the lack of ripples, or lack of quality ripples I should say. There must have been 1000's and 1000's of ripple strands available but the only ones of any quality were these cute little 10-11mm "baby" white ripples. I'm not complaining though, these strands(singles, doubles & ropes) tunred out amazing.

Baby Ripple Pearls
strands of silver baby ripple pearls

Freshwater Keshi Pearls

I must admit I've really fallen for keshi pearls over the last year, I just love how every single pearl is unique, like pearly snowflakes. With that in mind I bought A LOT of keshi pearls this past trip. Right now I've made available white and fancy color keshi stud earrings, some really beautiful silver/blue keshi strands and later this week I'll add a full line of keshi torsades in peach. lavender and multi-color.

freshwater Keshi pearls
pairs of Keshi pearls in different colors
peach Keshi pearl strands
different colored Keshi pearls
lavender Keshi pearls on close up
strands of beautiful lavender Keshi pearls
lavender, peach, and silver Keshi on close up
multicolored Keshi pearl strands
silver Keshi pearls on close up

Edison & Ripple Pearls from Grace Pearl co.

Grace pearl co. is the undisputed leader when it comes to producing bead nucleated freshwater pearls(rounds & ripples). Some of the Edison pearls I bought have already left to new homes, some have been made into rings and the Holy Grail ripple pairs I bought were mounted as dangle earrings -- perfect for those not ready to jump into a full strand of Holy Grail ripples.

Edison pearls from Grace Pearl Co.
Ripple Pearls from Grace Pearl Co.
beautiful round pearls
pairs of matched pearls from Grace Pearl Co.

Metallic Freshwater Pearls

If you follow my blog you've probably come to the conclusion that I love metallic freshwater pearls. The depth and color that these pearls can display is something not found in any other type of pearl. This past trip we did very well and added many new multi-color, peach, lavender and white strands. But occasionally I come across strands that don't really fall into any of these categories, so usually end up putting them aside for custom orders.

What I've done this time around is separate out those unique one-off strands and listed them as stand alone "fancy" strands. If you're looking for a true one of a kind necklace, you'll want to have a look at the new "fancy" metallics.

metallic freshwater pearls for rings
strands of metallic pearls in different colors
pearl strands with rare coloring
metallic rare colored drops
metallic pearls with golden-peach colors
large drops of rare colored pearls
metallic drop pearls
multi-colored round pearls
round pearls in different colors
metallic, multi-colored round pearls
close up of metallic round pearls
multi-colored drop pearls
strands of metallic pearls
peach metallic drop pearls
white metallic pearl strands
metallic pearl strands close up
white metallic pearl studs

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