18" Metallic Freshwater Edison Pearl Necklace: 8.8-11.7mm

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About These Pearls:

Ultra-lustrous and colorful, “unique” and “rare” are not strong enough adjectives to describe these pearls. These are pearls for women who don’t mind being noticed.

Featuring a stunning deep lavender to purple body color, overtones of green, blue and subtle rose and a bright metallic luster. 

A true one-of-a-kind necklace, the strand featured in the photo is the exact strand you’ll receive when you make your purchase. Each strand is strung on break resistant thread and finished with our classic 14kt gold safety ball clasp. Ensuring these pearls stay secure around your neck… where they belong.

    The Details:

    Pearl color Lavender/Purple
    Pearl type Freshwater Edison
    Pearl Grade AA+/AAA
    Pearl Size 8.8 - 11.7mm
    Pearl Shape Near Round / Eye Round
    Length 18 inches
    Species Freshwater Mussel
    Origin China
    All top quality pearls strands will have this special knot between each pearl to prevent rubbing and protect from losing many pearls if there is a break.
    All necklaces come with our special safety clasp that prevents the strand from falling, should the clasp come undone. Actual clasp design may vary.

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