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South Sea Pearls

The Queen of Cultured Pearls - Luxury Without The 10x Markup

White South Sea pearls are considered the "Queen" of saltwater pearls. Grown in the warm waters of Australia, they are also some of the rarest, largest and most valued pearls in the world. Once exclusively owned by the rich and famous, today fine White South Sea pearls can be purchased starting as low as $400.

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Where South Sea Pearl Jewelry Meets A Higher Standard

The White South Sea pearl immediately captures the attention of any who sees them. Their naturally white colors need no treatments or enhancements of any kind to shine with their beautiful silvery sheen, and Pearls of Joy guarantees that all White South Sea pearl necklaces, earrings, pendants and pearl rings feature completely organic color and luster. Kevin Canning, the President and founder of Pearls of Joy, travels around the world to bring you only the finest, most beautiful White South Sea pearls direct from the pearl farms, and tailors your jewelry to order.

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Natural Beauty And Luxury Up To 80% Below Retail

White South Sea pearls are the largest and possibly the most dazzling of all modern cultured pearl types. Famous for their large sizes ranging from 9.0mm – 16.0mm and larger, these saltwater cultured pearls shine with a glowing, satiny luster created by their extremely thick nacre layers. Our collections include a variety of South Sea pearl shapes including baroques, off-rounds and drops and perfectly round pearls – when only the very best will do. By sourcing our pearls direct from the pearl farms of Australia, we are able to bring you the very finest White South Sea & Golden pearls in the world at a fraction of the price of luxury retailers. Our South Sea pearl collections feature pearls from the top 10% of each annual harvest, and are guaranteed to shine with the highest luster and smooth, clean surfaces.

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