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Why Pearls are the Perfect Gem for Gen Z Buyers

Pearls of Joy x The Culture of Pearls

Pearls are the eternal gem. They are as coveted today as they were during the time of Cleopatra and even before.

Pearls are again enjoying a much deserved time in the spotlight. A pearly renaissance, of sorts, has been taking place, with pearls taking on a modern and edgy look.

However, it’s the Gen Z buyers who are making pearls the gem of today and the future. Gen Z are a frugal, financially stable, globally connected and fashion forward generation of buyers. They are also very mindful of where they spend their money.

Which does not mean they avoid making luxury purchases. Just like Millennials and Gen X before, Gen Z buyers are attracted to luxury, such as jewelry - only they are looking for meaningful purchases. Which makes pearls the perfect gem for them.

Here are some reasons why Gen Z buyers are embracing the lustrous charm of pearls.

Pearl jewelry for Gen Z

From left to right: Japanese Akoya Pearl Daisy Earrings, Freshwater Baroque Pearl Solitaire Pendant, Pink Freshwater Pearl Mia Ring, Freshwater Pearl Via Earrings, Black Akoya Pearl earrings, Pearls of Joy


With their interest in environmentally responsible practices and laser-sharp focus on ecological sustainability, for Gen Z buyers pearls are the gem they are most drawn to. This is because pearls are the most sustainable of all gems.

Pearl oysters filter water and in the process remove harmful pollutants from it. As a result, the waters around pearl farms are very clean and teeming with ocean life. An important consequence of this is the healthy growth of critically endangered coral reefs around pearl farms. This, in turn, has a direct impact on the well being of many different species of sea life.

Also, pearl farms create jobs for local communities in far off places. Over time, these farms become important drivers of development and uplift for those communities.

Pearls, therefore contribute to the betterment of the oceans and of communities living around pearl farms. For Gen Z buyers pearls are not only attractive, they also check all the boxes for meaningful luxury purchases.


Of all the top gems in the jewelry world, pearls are perhaps the most affordable. Gen Z buyers, who are just starting their careers, often gravitate towards jewelry that is trendy and beautiful, but not cruel to their wallets.

Pearls fit this bill perfectly. Freshwater pearls are especially wonderful because not only are they lovely, they are also available at different and very attractive price points. High quality Freshwater pearls, set in silver, 14K or 18K gold are perfect for Gen Z buyers who are looking for gorgeous fine jewelry purchases.

Even luxury pearl jewelry pieces set with Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearls, when purchased from reputable online pearl jewelers, such as Pearls of Joy, with their direct-to-consumer pricing model, become budget friendly for Gen Z consumers.

Tahitian pearl pendant

Tahitian South Sea Pearl Tamara Pendant, Pearls of Joy


Gen Z shoppers are all about versatility. Jewelry that goes seamlessly from daywear chic and edgy modern to high wattage glamour and then to business casual, without missing a beat, speaks to them. For this group of jewelry buyers, pearls offer versatility and elegance in one luminous package.

Layering pearl necklaces with gold chains, creating a personalized “arm-candy” look with pearl bracelets in different sizes or colors or even both, or even creating a unique and personalized mismatched look by pairing a pearl stud earring with a pearl hoop, the variations in styles and trends that appeal to the Gen Z buyer are infinite. Pearl jewelry delivers each look with flair and style.

But this gem’s versatility doesn’t stop there. Many men of the Gen Z age group are also turning to pearls as their jeweled accessory of choice. Ever since Harry Styles wore a pearl earrings on the Met Gala red carpet, this gorgeous gem has been wholeheartedly adopted by Gen Z men. From haute couture runways to Korean soaps, pearls have become a fashion staple for young men.


Without a shred of a doubt, pearls are a timeless classic. In the past, Queen Elizabeth, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana gave this gem their own interpretation.

Today, many TikTok superstars have turned to pearls and are making it a style icon, in their own inimitable ways. The pearl choker necklace is now synonymous with a rebellious spirit. The “neck-mess” is a fun way to dress up a casual outfit. Metallic freshwater pearls are the latest jewelry “crush” because of their super-shiny luster.

The timelessness of pearls endures because many Gen Z trends are giving them a new identity and allowing them to enter a wholly new fashion space.

Pearl jewelry for Gen Z

From left to right: Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Maeve Pendant, Multicolor Freshwater Pearl Alana Earrings, White South Sea Pearl Solitaire Pendant, Tahitian South Sea Pearl Lily Ring, Golden South Sea Pearl Dangling Earrings, Pearls of Joy


Jewelry is all about storytelling and no gem does that better than pearls. This iridescent gem has fascinated us since antiquity. Every pearl necklace has a memory knotted into it, every pair of pearl earrings a cherished memento.

For Gen Z jewelry buyers, acquiring jewelry that has a story to tell is just as important as being part of that story. Pearls give these younger buyers an opportunity to enjoy its enduring tale and share it as their own.

Pearls are a sustainable and ethical gem. They have a long history of being loved for their luster and iridescence. But they are also a fun gem that is versatile, gender fluid and trendy. In short, for the Gen Z buyer, as a gem there’s nothing better than pearls!

Featured Image: Japanese Akoya Pearl Tincup Celeste Necklace, Pearls of Joy

Reema Farooqui is a content writer who loves pearls and pearl jewelry. You can find her on her website The Culture of Pearls or on Instagram at @thecultureofpearls

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