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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 99th Issue: What is the Best Pearl Overtone For My Skin Tone?


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You Asked ...


Every day we receive questions from customers all over the world about pearls. We decided to post our answers here for every one to read!


What is the best pearl overtone for my skin tone? 


We Answer:

For white pearls, there are three basic overtones to choose from: rose, silver and cream.

Each one has something to recommend it, but most people will find one that suits them more than the others. 


Which Pearl Overtone is Best for Me? Rose Overtones

Rose Overtones

The rose (or rosé) overtone is the most famous and popular white pearl overtone and is considered to be the most easily wearable for the majority of skin tones. 
Rose is a pink secondary color over the main white body color of the pearl. It can range from the barest hint of pink to darker hues.

Rose overtones work best on women with fair complexions, blondes and light to medium dark brunettes, but really almost anyone can wear this hue! Notable exceptions are fair-skinned women with red or pink undertones to their skin - the rose overtone paired with reddish/pinkish skin tends to enhance the pink in her face and chest which isn't quite ideal. 

We recommend pairing rose overtone pearls with yellow gold clasps, chains and earring mountings to enhance the pearls' warmth and sparkle. White gold is always an option, and is used to cool down the pearl colors and enhance any blue or silver tones. 

Which Pearl Overtone is Best for Me? Silver Overtones

Silver Overtones

Silver overtones are the second most popular white pearl overtone around the world.
Silver is a pale, whitish sheen over the main white body color of the pearl, and sometimes may have secondary hints of blue or green just visible underneath the surface.

Silver overtones work best on women with brown skin, olive and Mediterranean complexions and women who tan easily. Ladies with dark brunette to black hair also benefit from the silver overtone, even if they have very pale skin because the dark shades of their hair contrast with the bright white pearls, making the pearls appear larger and brighter than they really are. 

We recommend pairing silver pearls with white gold clasps, chains and earring mountings to enhance the pearls' cool white tones. Yellow gold is pretty too, and can be used to warm up the pearls a bit or enhance any faint pinks present on the surface of the pearls. 

Which Pearl Overtone is Best for Me? Cream Overtones

Cream Overtones

The cream overtone is the third most popular white pearl overtone for women looking to buy pearls.
Cream is a warm yellowish to ivory hue over the main white body color of the pearls. Cream can be a very faint tint of ivory to deeper, more saturated tones giving the pearls a very warm appearance. The best cream overtones have added flashes of pink or light purple under certain lighting conditions. 

Cream overtones work best on women with with pink or reddish undertones to their skin, women with red and auburn hair and older women with white or silver hair. The warmth of the pearls will compliment the pinkish undertones rather than clash, and sparkle very prettily next to red hair. 

We recommend pairing cream pearls with yellow gold clasps, chains and earring mountings to enhance the pearl's warm colors. White gold can also work, but the metal often creates a clashing visual contrast, so be wary of that issue.

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