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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 85th Issue: April Fools! How to Spot Fake Pearls


Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls." -  Chris Gardner



Eye Candy


Weekly Eye Candy Spotlight: Peek a Boo Galatea Carved Tahitian Pearls



Loving these peek-a-boo carved Tahitian pearls showing actual Opals inside, used as the nuclei! Perfect as an "April Fools" pearl theme. Pearls by pearl artist Galatea



You Ask ...We Answer.


How to Spot Fake Pearls


How To Spot Fake Pearls

Spotting fake / faux pearls is actually quite easy, once you know what to look for! 

  1. Real pearls are formed by nature and will always have some sort of imperfection if you look close enough.
  2. Not every pearl will be the exact same size. Real pearls are made by nature, so there should be some variation in size. 
  3. Examine the drill hole with a magnifying glass. Real pearls will often show evidence of a nucleus.
  4. A real pearl necklace will have depth and variation to the color. It will include a body color and an overtone color. Often displaying different colors in different lighting conditions. Fake pearls will often look flat or even “painted”.
  5. High quality pearls will have a deep luster, almost glowing from within. This is the difference between a shiny marble and a pearl’s luster that shows depth.
  6. Examine the drill hole. Fake pearls often show signs of melted plastic around the edges of the pearl.
  7. Real pearls have more weight than fakes. Often feeling heavier than they look.
  8. Feel the pearls… Are they cool to the touch? Real pearls don’t warm to the touch as quickly as imitation pearls.
  9. Perform the tooth test. (see Below)


The Tooth Test




Watch How to Conduct a Tooth Test 



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Featured Pearls

Weekly Product Spotlight: Tahitian South Sea Pearl Celeste Earrings



Tahitian South Sea Pearl Celeste Earrings 


  • These classic dangle earrings feature two 9mm AAA Black Tahitian pearls, handpicked for their gorgeous luster and unblemished surface.
  • The pearls are mounted on the finest 14K gold.
  • These earrings are packaged in a beautiful jewelry gift box.


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