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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 81st Issue: Exploring Silver-Blue South Sea Pearls


 Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "I'm pretty lost in becoming all this frost. Bitter, like winter. Strung out like a string of pearls.” - Ashly Lorenzana



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 Souffle Freshwater Pearls




We are continually amazed by the incredible beauty of these new Freshwater Baroque pearls! Check out the electric rainbow orient and shining luster these Soufflé pearls ...  


Exploring Silver-Blue White South Sea Pearls

Exploring Silver-Blue White South Sea Pearls 

White South Sea pearls most often display a "cool white" body color, with faint silver, cream or rose overtones, but sometimes that silver goes into overdrive, resulting in the rare and amazing silver-blue color. 

Naturally colored blue pearls are the rarest pearl colors in the world (with one or two exceptions). The color has existed in pearls for decades, but only recently have naturally colored blue pearls gained popularity in the modern pearl jewelry markets.

Meaning of Blue Pearls: The color Blue has always stood for calm, serenity, peace, integrity, loyalty, confidence and intuition.  

There are 3 types of Blue pearls. They are:

Blue Akoya

Silver-Blue White South Sea

Blue-Overtone Tahitians 


Silver Blue White South Sea Pearl Pendants


Silver-Blue White South Sea pearls are mainly the result of a grafting error! Yes, you heard that right. The blue color has nothing to do with the nutrients the oyster feeds on, the temperature of the water, OR any kind of treatments done to the pearls. 

When pearls are cultured, a person named a "grafter" inserts a round mother-of-pearl bead nucleus into the oyster, along with a tiny piece of donor mantle tissue from a different oyster that has previously produced pearls of a fine color. 

In the case of blue pearls, the bead nucleus hasn't been cleaned properly and has organic residue on it that stimulates an inflammation response within the oyster, resulting in abnormal nacre secretion. 


Silver Blue White South Sea Pearls


Nacre is made up of thousands of layers of crystal aragonite "platelets" glued together with an organic glue called conchiolin. The crystal platelets are typically semi-transparent and colorless, and the conchiolin is a brownish color ... often this results in what we observe as white or grey pearls. In the case of the unique and coveted colors of silver-blue pearls, the irregular layers of nacre create the optical effect of a blue pearl!  


Silver Blue South Sea Pearl Jewelry 

Most often, silver-blue pearls are baroque in shape, although rarely perfectly round silver-blue White South Sea pearls can be found. The baroque pearls will generally display a more intense blue coloration however; this is due to the irregularly-shaped nacre layers that baroque pearls possess. 

So what do you think? Do you like silver-blue White South Sea pearls? 



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Featured Item White South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklace, 9-11mm


9-11mm White South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklace

When it comes to baroque pearls, Australian White South Sea pearls are the most unique by far. Treasured for their natural look, Australian baroque pearls are the rarest of the baroque pearls in the South Sea, this 9-11mm pearl necklace is no exception.
A gorgeous and exquisite strand compiled of brilliant white South Sea pearls, all baroque shaped with gorgeous luster. The necklace comes affixed with an elegant 18K white gold ball clasp. Premium clasps are also available at checkout. Included with this item is a complementary pearl care kit, giving you the ability to maintain this necklace's elegant beauty for years to come.

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