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The Wide World of Pearls - Our 7th Issue, Gem Quality Freshwater Pearls

Quote We're Pondering "I feel undressed without my pearls. My pearls are my security blanket.”   – Lady Churchill


Eye Candy

Rare Metallic Gem Grade White Freshwater Pearls


Spotted at one of our trips to the Hong Kong Jewellery Show, these extremely rare Freshwater pearls captivated our attention. These are Gem Quality, Metallic White Freshwater Pearls were matched into perfect pairs for pearl earrings, and rivaled the infamous Hanadama Akoya for their intense displays of luster and orient.  

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What Make a Freshwater Pearl "Gem Quality"?

What are Gem Grade Freshwater Pearls

I won't get into the technical nuts and bolts about how we source our gem grade freshwater pearls.

But what you need to know is true gem grade freshwater pearls represent the very best in pearl culturing techniques and require several tons (yes tons, that's not a typo!) of pearls to produce just one matched strand of this quality.

They will have little to no blemishing and an "eye round" shape. Technically they won't be perfectly round (8-way rollers) but to the human eye they will appear round. The luster is bright and crisp but a little softer then that of top grade Akoya pearls.

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Featured Jewelry

 Gem Grade White Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set, 8.5-9.0mm

White Gem Grade Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set: 8.5-9.0mm

Be bold in this stunning, 8.5-9mm Gem Grade set in classic white. The perfectly round, freshwater pearls with striking luster look great whether worn as a 3-piece set, or mixed and matched individually.

Our Gem Grade is selected from the highest quality of freshwater pearls in the world, and all of our sets are composed of a 16" or 18" necklace, 7.5" bracelet, and stud earrings. 


View Product Details Gem Grade Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set

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