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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 78th Issue: Freshwater or Akoya Pearls? Which Pearl Type to Choose


Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week:  "Frog or pearl, life hid something at the bottom of the cup.” - Mary Butts



Eye Candy


Weekly Eye Candy Spotlight: Colorful Freshwater Pearls



The rain is coming down in buckets, perfect weather to hunker down and sort pearls. I started the day in front of a tray brimming with loose metallics and got to work matching pairs.

This year I've been getting a lot of requests for pearls with deep purple coloration, so I made a point to select a number of purple pairs, as well as the ever popular whites and "fancy color" pearls ....


Freshwater or Akoya Pearls: Which Pearls to Pick

Akoya or Freshwater Pearls: Which Pearl Type to Choose


You’re out shopping for the perfect white pearls, and things are going good but then come to a screeching halt.

All of a sudden you realize: Should I Buy Freshwater or the Akoya pearls?!

It’s an almost agonizing question, and one that can be difficult to answer. No one wants to have their options limited but we also don’t want to spend the next year figuring it out!

So this blog post is geared towards answering this age-old issue.

Akoya vs. Freshwater Pearls Pros and Cons



 Pearl Basics

  Akoya Pearls

  •      Luxury, High-End Pearls
  •      Saltwater Pearls
  •      Primarily Farmed in Japan
  •      “Mirror-Like” or “Ball-Bearing” Luster
  •      Perfectly Pound and Perfectly Matched
  •      Heirloom Quality Pearls
  •      Colors are White, Blue, Silver-Blue, Gold and Pistachio (Black is      Color-Treated)

  Freshwater pearls

  •      Farmed in China
  •      Gives off a Subtle Glow
  •      Oval and Off-Round to Near Round Shapes
  •      Perfect for casual wear
  •      Budget Friendly
  •      Solid Nacre and Very Durable
  •      Excellent “First Pearls” for Young Ladies
  •      Colors are White, Pink to Peach, and Lavender. Black is Color-Treated. 


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 Weekly Product Spotlight: White Akoya Pearl Necklace 6.5-7.0mm



Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace, 6.5-70mm

These beautiful, 6.5-7 mm Akoya saltwater pearls are sure to catch everyone's eyes. These pearls come in a beautiful "cherry blossom" white body color. Giving them the much sought after, classic bright white appearance.

Available in AAA grade quality, all our strands are hand-knotted between each pearl for security. The pearls are strung with 100% silk thread and finished with a 14K white or yellow gold clasp.


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