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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 64th Issue: Multi-Color South Sea Pearl Showcase



Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week:    "And we laughed, at the world. They can have their diamonds, And we'll have our pearls." -  Jill Sobule



Eye Candy

Weekly Eye Candy Spotlight: Golden South Sea Pearl Sculpture Jewelmer



This stunning golden Jacht was crafted especially for Jewelmer to celebrate their 35th Anniversary Gala. Adorned with a surfeit of Golden South Sea pearl drops and rounds, this incredible work of art has us sailing on a sea of dreams ...



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Multi-Color South Sea Pearl Necklaces


Multi-Color South Sea Pearls

Multi-colored South Sea pearl jewelry consists of pearl necklaces, bracelets, pendants and even earrings created using a mix of White and Golden South Sea pearls and for an added colorful twist: Tahitian and even Freshwater pearls. 

In this post, let's explore some of the more popular variations of the Multi-Color South Sea pearl jewelry. 


Multi-Color South Sea Pearl Necklaces


White and Golden South Sea drop-shaped pearls make up this unique Multi-Colored necklace. This is probably the most classic version of the Multi-Color South Sea pearl strand using only Golden or White pearls in the layout. 


Multi-Color South Sea Pearl Necklaces


This amazing Multi-Color South Sea pearl rope necklace consists of perfectly round White South Sea pearls mixed with colorful Tahitian pearls. A black and white mix. 


Ombre Tahitian and South Sea Pearl Necklaces


The next versions combine all three pearl types: White South Sea, Golden South Sea and Tahitian pearls together. These can either be mixed into patterned layouts, or in a subtly shifting color progression called an "Ombré" layout. Which one do you like best? 


Multi-Color South Sea Pearl Necklaces


Lastly we have combining 4 pearl types together to create a Multi-Colored South Sea pearl necklace: White South Sea pearls, Golden South Sea pearls, Tahitians and large, perfectly round Pink, Peach or Lavender Freshwater pearls. As the availability of very large Edison Freshwater pearls becomes more and more affordable, expect to see much more of this particular layout mix in the future. 


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 Multi-Color South Sea Pearl Necklace


Tahitian & Freshwater Multicolor Pearl Necklace - AAA Quality

This necklace exudes a beautiful combination of Tahitian South Sea, Golden South Sea, and Freshwater Cultured pearls. The necklace begins with 9mm pearls in the back and graduates perfectly to a beautiful 11mm Tahitian pearl centerpiece. The strand is AAA quality with 'Very High' grade luster, our highest grade available.


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