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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 56th Issue: Welcome June - The Month of the PEARL


Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "It is vital that we turn each and every dark tear into a pearl of wisdom, and find the blessing in every curse." -  Anthon St. Maarten



Eye Candy

Weekly Eye Candy Spotlight: Colorful Freshwater Pearls



Pearls aren't just white, they come in every color of the rainbow. These metallic freshwater pearls dazzled us at the Hong Kong Jewellery Show and couldn't resist snatching them up by the handful! 

Freshwater pearls usually come in white, pink, peach and lavender colors, but these rare metallics ranged from pale champagnes to violet to sky blue. Amazing.



You Ask ...We Answer.

June Birthstone is Pearl


June is the Month of the Pearl

The Queen of Gems and the Gem of Queens is none other than the pearl, so it is a perfect choice for the start of the most sublime season of the year: Summer. 

As we gear up to celebrate hot Summer days and warm Summer nights, Birthday parties, June weddings and anniversaries, we know that the Pearl is the first choice for gift ideas and sultry fashion accessories. 

Let's learn a bit more about why pearls have such a special place in our lives and hearts. 


Venus is Closely Associated with Pearls and Pearl Symbolism

Pearl Symbolism

  • Love and Romance Pearls have been used by brides in wedding ceremonies since ancient times, especially white pearls. The Roman goddess of Love, Venus, was strongly associated with pearls. The droplets of sea water wrung from the goddess' hair were said to have turned into precious pearls.
  • Purity The traditionally white color of the pearl is strongly associated with purity, innocence, goodness, virtue and truth.
  • Wisdom Much like a pearl grows over time, acquiring lustrous nacre and gaining in size, so too does our knowledge and wisdom over the years.
  • Wealth Pearls were for many years reserved almost exclusively for royalty and those of means (this was due to their rarity). 


Beautiful Pearls

Pearl Beauty

“Unlike other gems, the pearl comes to us perfect and beautiful, direct from the hand of nature. Other precious stones receive careful treatment from the lapidary, and owe much to his art. The pearl, however, owes nothing to man […] it is absolutely a gift of nature, on which man cannot improve.”   - George Kunz, famed gemologist and jewelry designer of Tiffany & Co.  

Pearls have fascinated men and women both for thousands of years. As Mr. Kunz notes, pearls have a singular, natural beauty above ALL other gemstones. For this reason pearls are perhaps THE oldest precious gemstone known to man, its history stretching back all the way to 2,206 B.C. when first documented by a Chinese historian. 

The hunt for natural pearls was old and bloody, however in modern times with the advent of Akoya pearl culturing techniques by Kokichi Mikimoto, today we farm pearls instead and no diver needs to drown searching for pearls. 


Pearl History

Pearl Fashion

Pearls have been a fashion staple since ancient days ... and that will never, ever change. From long, luxurious pearl rope necklaces to pearl dangle earrings, pendants, rings and more, the pearl can go anywhere and everywhere and always retain its understated elegance. 

Like Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia (above), pearls are often favored by women looking to enjoy the subtle beauty of pearls, and not make a loud splash with other "louder" gemstones. 


Modern Pearl Fashion

Pearls Today

Today, the modern classic pearl looks are the princess-length white pearl necklace, simple pearl stud earrings or pretty pearl and diamond pendant. But to be honest, the possibilities are endless! 

From modern avant garde designs, to punk rock styles and Versailles-era abundance, pearls in the modern era are at once timeless and on the cutting edge of art. So this June, let's hoist our champagne glasses to the sky and toast the one and only PEARL. 


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Featured Pearls

 Featured Pearls of the Week


13-16mm Freshwater Multicolor Baroque Pearl Necklace

This strand is absolutely gorgeous and represents the finest of the finest for Freshwater pearls. This strand also includes rare and large pearls, with a centerpiece that measures at 16mm. AAA quality pearls with a high level of luster bring out the beauty of this gorgeous pearl necklace.


  • Comes finished with gold mountings of your choice.
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity.


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