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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 52nd Issue: Tahitian Pearl Color FAQs



Pearl Quote of the Week: "How could you reach the pearl by only looking at the sea? If you seek the pearl, be a diver." -  Rumi



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 "Living Rainbow"

This absolutely incredible pearl captures the entire rainbow on a single pearl. Soufflé Freshwater pearl bought at the Hong Kong Jewellery Show, 2013. 



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 Tahitian Pearl Colors FAQs


Tahitian Pearl FAQs

This quick primer on Tahitian pearl colors aims to tackle the most common questions about their world-famous natural colors.

Tahitian pearls are probably THE most colorful pearls in the world today … the endless variety that is presented to pearl shoppers is one of the most attractive and well-known attributes of Tahitian pearls.

All pearl colors are broken into two major parts:

Body Color and Overtone

Body color is the first, primary base color of the pearls. In the case of Tahitian pearls, the "body color" of the pearls can be described as very light gray running the gamut through to deeper, darker shades of very dark gray to even jet black.

 Tahitian Pearl Overtones Blue-Green

The very dark gray body colors of these Tahitian pearls provide a great base color to enhance the secondary colors. The blue-green to green pearl overtones on these Tahitian pearls are the most prevalent colors you'll see with these black pearls.


What makes Tahitian pearls famous are their unique, colorful overtones. These can range from pale, shim Silver to Aubergine (French for "eggplant") and even Blue. Overtones are a secondary color or tint that appears to "float" over the main body color of the pearls.

What creates a necklace's particular shade or hue, or even boldly saturated color is the combination of the pearl's overtone and body color. These combinations are nearly endless … no two pearls are exactly alike.

The most famous Tahitian overtones are:

  • Green and Blue-Green: these shades are the most common overtones. The shades of blue-green and green can also be warm or cool depending on secondary overtones like gold.
  • Peacock: Peacock is a swirling mix of green, gold and rose overtones, and it is the most famous of all Tahitian pearl colors. Peacock overtones can have a dizzying amount of variations based on how cool or warm the green colors are, and how much rose or gold is present.
  • Silver to Steel: a very common overtone, and typically you can recognize this overtone by noticing a white shimmer or patina over the light to dark gray body colors. Steel overtones are very commonly seen in larger pearls.


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