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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 45th Issue: Telling White Pearls Apart - Which is Your Favorite?


Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: "An oyster who was not injured will never produce pearls, because the pearl is the healed wound." - Unknown Author



Eye Candy


Gorgeous White South Sea Pearls


"Moon Glow"

The Queen of Cultured Pearls, White South Sea pearls from Australia are revered around the world for their large sizes, brilliant natural White colors and unrivaled luminous glow.

The South Sea pearls offered at Pearls of Joy have completely natural colors and are never treated or enhanced in any way. Golden and White South Sea pearls offer a wide array of body color and overtone combinations that are guaranteed to dazzle pearl lovers of all stripes.

Pearl color is broken into two major parts:

  • Body Color
  • Overtone

Below we separate out White and Golden South Sea pearls into their respective color categories, and we can discuss each on their own merits.


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You Ask ...We Answer.


Common Customer Questions: How to Tell White Pearl Types Apart


Comparing White Pearl Types - Which One is Best??

Recently I was working with a customer trying to help her decide on a new pair of white pearl earrings. She knew she wanted white pearl studs and she knew she wanted them large, 9.0 mm or bigger.

This left her with the decision of what type of pearl to go with: Akoya, Freshwater or South Sea pearls. All three of these pearl types are beautiful in their own right and come in a variety of tones, sizes and quality grades.

While we were shooting the pearl earrings I had the gals shoot a South Sea, Freshwater & Akoya pearl necklace comparison that really captures the different look of each pearl type.

The South Sea pearls have a silky texture and cool silver overtones. The size and texture of South Sea pearls give them an air of luxury. No wonder many politicians wear them power pieces!

The Freshwater pearls are gem grade, with excellent luster. This strand is a great example of what type of quality is available in high grade Freshwater Pearls. Year after year we're seeing improvements in Freshwater pearl size and quality, fueling popularity in recent years.

The bottom strand is the perennial favorite: the Akoya Pearl. The Akoya pearl, with its metallic luster and perfectly round shape is considered by many to be the classic pearl.


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Featured Pearls


Featured Pearls of Joy Product Spotlight: "Top Range" Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklace and Earring Set: 9.0-9.5mm 


"Top Range" Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklace and Earring Set: 9.0-9.5mm

Perfectly matched and stunningly beautiful, each 18" Hanadama Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set comes with a numbered certificate issued by the Pearl Science Lab of Japan. 

Every pair of pearls and fully-matched necklace has undergone a lengthy testing process to ensure each pearl meets the strict standards necessary to receive a Hanadama grade. These pearls have the thickest, cleanest nacre out of any Akoya pearl on earth, and it is this thick nacre that produces the truly breathtaking luster exhibited in these fine necklaces.

Hanadama pearls represent the top .01% of the Japanese harvest, which makes the supply of these pearls very limited and unpredictable. Like all of our necklaces the necklace is knotted between each pearl for safety and strung with only the finest twin silk. The matching pearl studs are mounted on your choice of 14kt yellow or white gold.


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