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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 21st Issue: Hooray for Hanadama - Wed 11/04/2020


Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week:   "A pearl is only a pearl once it's out of its shell." - Nigerian Proverb



Eye Candy

Rows and Rows of Hanadama Pearl Luster



Japanese Hanadama Akoya pearls are hands-down the most lustrous pearls on the market.

Loved for their intense mirror-like luster, iridescent "Aurora" effect, certified thick nacre depths and classic, timeless appeal, Hanadama Akoya pearls are one of the pearl world's rarest pearls.


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What Are Untreated Hanadama Pearls? 

what are natural color hanadama akoya pearls


For over 100 years, cultured Akoya pearls have gone through a process called “bleaching and pinking” … and it’s such a standard practice, that this ‘treatment’ is not disclosed on gemology reports or even considered necessary to disclose during a sale for Akoya pearls. It's simply part of how Akoya pearls are cultured.

Natural color Hanadama pearls are pearls that skip all of that.

They are naturally beautiful at harvest-time, and do not need any extra steps to become jewelry quality. Natural color Hanadama pearls have only been available to pearl lovers at large for the past decade or so as demand has risen for cultured pearls as close to the “real deal” as possible.

Natural color Hanadama pearls are additionally certified by the PSL as having ZERO treatments of any kind ...


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Featured Jewelry

 Featured Pearls of Joy Product Spotlight: Hanadama Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings 8.5mm


"Top Range" Hanadama Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings: 8.0-8.5mm


Each set of Hanadama pearl earrings comes with a numbered certificate issued by the Pearl Science Lab of Japan and has undergone a lengthy testing process to ensure each set of earrings meets the strict standards necessary to receive a Hanadama grade.

These pearls have the thickest, cleanest nacre out of any Akoya pearl on earth, and it is this thick nacre that produces the truly breathtaking luster exhibited.

Hanadama pearls represent the top .01% of the Japanese harvest, which makes the supply of these pearls very limited and unpredictable.


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