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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 12th Issue: Pearl Pendant Mania

Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: Pearls do so go with jeans! - Unknown Author

Eye Candy


Stunning Souffle Pendants


First seen in 2010 at the AGTA gem show in Tuscon Arizona, most consumers still have not heard of them - yet.

The term "soufflé pearl" was coined by pearl legend (and POJ friend) Jack Lynch of Sea Hunt Pearls, and perfectly describes this unique and intriguing pearl.

Like the famed French desert, souffle pearls are fluffy, puffy "light as air" delicacies...

...And you only need one (maybe three) to feel satisfied.


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You've got questions... We have answers.

What is Your Most Popular Pearl Pendant To Buy?


Common Customer Questions: What is the Most Popular Pearl Pendant to Buy?



Tough question! 

We think it comes down to the Tahitian vs White South Sea pearl pendants... 

White South Sea pearls are a classic, timeless choice with extremely thick nacre, perfectly round shape and gorgeous glowing luster. Owning a White South Sea pearl pendant is a little bit like owning your own celestial object ..its beauty will never fade.

Tahitian pearls offer a dark air of mystery and exotic flavor. These pearls shimmer with iridescent color, feature nicely large sizes and bright, shiny luster. A Tahitian pearl pendant is guaranteed to turn heads every time its worn. 

Which pearl pendant is your favorite? 


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Review of The Week


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Featured Jewelry


Featured Pearls of Joy Product Spotlight: "Echelle" White South Sea Pearl Pendant and Earring Set

"Echelle" Diamond South Sea Pearl Pendant and Stud Earring Set

This beautiful pearl pendant and stud earring set features a pendant accented with a trio of channel-set diamonds (.03ct / G color / VS1 clarity) and a single perfectly round White South Sea Pearl.

The standard model includes a single AAA 9-10mm South Sea pearl and 14K Gold 16/18-Inch Adjustable box chain. Using the drop-down menu above you can customize this pendant with a larger pearl. A pair of beautifully matched South Sea pearl stud earrings comes with every order.


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