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The Wide World of Pearls, Our 103rd Issue: What Are The Best Clasps For My Pearl Necklace?



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Kevin's lovely wife Alana attended the Hong Kong Jewellery Show to look for some exotic "special" pearls when they found this lot of white Ripple Freshwater pearls. Ripples are bead-nucleated Freshwater pearls known for their rippled, heavily textured surfaces, shining with luster and orient.



You Asked ...

Every day we receive questions from customers all over the world about pearls. We decided to post our answers here for every one to read!

What Are The Best Clasps For My Pearl Necklace?


Akoya Pearl Necklace with Ball Clasp


We Answer:

There are almost COUNTLESS numbers of clasps to choose from when 'finishing' a pearl necklace. There are a myriad of clasp manufacturers out there, making clasps with diamonds and precious gemstones that you can buy to complete your strand of pearls.

That said, there are a few standard clasp options that you can choose from that come free with every purchase from Pearls of Joy. Let's take a look at each, and you can decide which one is best for you. 


Pearl Clasps Filigree Fish Hooks


Fish Hook Clasps

Fish hook clasps are generally used for smaller pearl necklaces, under 7.5mm in size. They come in various design choices like the Filigree Fish Hook clasp shown above, Solid Fish Hook clasps and other Fish Hook clasps can have diamonds, pearls or other precious gemstone accents. 
Fish hook clasps are known for their simplicity and ease of use, but they may not be as secure as some other types of clasps, such as Lobster Clasps due to their smaller sizes and lack of secondary security latches. 
It consists of a hook-shaped component on one end that can be inserted into the hollow cavity on the opposite end of a necklace or bracelet. The hook is typically curved and pointed at one end and has a slightly flattened or widened area at the other end to facilitate easy handling.
To fasten your necklace using a fish hook clasp, you would insert the hook into one open end of the cavity, then gently pulling the hook through until it hits the locking bar. Then the hook is aligned with the body of the clasp and pushed inside the hollow until it snaps into place. 
Fish Hook Clasps are more commonly used for lighter weight pearl necklaces that don't require a high level of security. Additionally, they can be a bit more challenging to fasten for individuals with dexterity issues or limited fine motor skills.
Pearl Necklace Clasps

Ball Clasps

Ball Clasps are known for their simplicity, security, and ease of use. They provide a secure closure while also adding a decorative element to the jewelry design.
Ball clasps are most often used for larger pearl necklaces over 7.5 mm, and come in many sizes to match the size of the pearls. So if you order a larger strand of 9.5-10.0 mm, then your ball clasp will measure 9.5 mm in size. 

Here's how a Ball Clasp works:

  • One end of the clasp is a hollowed-out space, with an opening that allows the locking mechanism to be inserted.

  • The other end of the clasp has a springy, bent tab that looks like it's folded over on itself.

  • To fasten the clasp, hook the open end of the locking tab into the hollow ball, then push the tab all the way into the clasp, then release the tab as it clicks or snaps into place.

  • To open or release the clasp, you press or push the tab down, then pull it out of the ball clasp, allowing the jewelry to be removed.

Pearl Necklace Clasps Tiffany X

The X Clasp

The X Clasp is a stylized version of the Ball Clasp, but slightly flattened with ridges or sometimes diamonds as accents.
X Clasps are larger clasps, used for large pearl necklaces measuring over 7.5 mm up to 12.0 mm or so. 
The locking functions exactly the same as the Ball Clasp in that the bent, springy tab is inserted into the hollow body of the X Clasp, then pushed inside, releasing the tab and allowing the clasp to lock closed.  
Pearl Necklace Clasps Magnet

The Magnet Clasp

Magnet clasps are a popular option to use for lighter pearl necklaces in smaller size ranges. The clasp splits apart in the middle, and two strong magnets on either side allow the clasp to stay closed. 
We recommend Magnet Clasps for women with arthritis or other difficulties with the smaller mechanisms of more standard clasps, however, Magnet Clasps should NOT be used on heavier pearl strands (larger size pearls), or very valuable necklaces as the Magnet Clasp has no secondary locking mechanisms or additional security latches.  
Pearl Necklace Clasps Lobster Clasp

The Lobster Clasp

Lobster clasps are another very popular option to use for pearl necklaces in all sizes. The clasp operates by pulling back on the small tab on top, thereby pulling the bottom hinge of the clasp open. The open clasp is then attached to a waiting loop on the other end to secure the clasp's closure. 
Lobster clasps are very secure, and there is very little chance that the clasp will open on accident. They can be plain, or accented with diamonds or other precious gemstones, large or small, high polish or matte finish - the options are almost endless.
Like Magnet Clasps, we recommend Lobster Clasps for women with arthritis or other difficulties with the smaller mechanisms of more standard clasps like the Ball or the Fish Hook which require more dexterity in working properly. 

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