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The Wide World of Pearls, 9th Issue: Everybody Loves Earrings - Wed 8/04/2020

 Pearls of Joy Pearl Quote of the Week: He Who Would Search For Pearls Must Dive Below. - John Dryden


Eye Candy

Keshi Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings with Intense Orient



If you're reading this I have a feeling you'll "get" these pearls. With their metallic luster, intense orient and exotic body colors, these little nuggets are in a class of their own. Pearl collectors will see the beauty of their natural curves, traditionalists likely will not ...


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You've got questions... We have answers.


What is the best pearl size for earrings to buy?


Common Customer Questions: What Are the Best Pearl Earring Sizes to Buy?


With so many pearl earring sizes available, it can be tricky to decide what size of pearl earring to buy. Simplistically speaking, it can be a matter of taste; one might want a large pearl earring set as a statement piece or something smaller for everyday wear. 

Our guide will provide you with a helpful framework to assist you when choosing a pearl earring size. 


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Review of The Week



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Featured Jewelry


Featured Pearls of Joy Product Spotlight: White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Bezel Dangle Earrings


Diamond Bezel Dangle White South Sea Pearl Earrings


Add a little sparkle to this classic leverback style pearl earring, with genuine G-VS1 quality diamonds -- totaling 0.06 carats. Known around the world as "The Queen of Cultured Pearls" these luxurious White South Sea pearls have a smooth surface, and thick nacre giving them significant luster and stunning natural white hues.

Each South Sea pearl has spent 2-4 years growing in the warm tropical waters of Australia and the Philippine Islands. Once harvested, each pearl was carefully sorted and processed, with only a gentle cleaning and tumble in walnut shells. These pearls have not received any color enhancement or heat treatment, guaranteed. 


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