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The Timeless Elegance of Pearl Stud Earrings

The jewelry world is all about trends. And jewelry trends come and go. But the pearl stud earrings are a timeless classic. Nestled on the lobe, gorgeously lustrous pearl ear studs are the ultimate jeweled accessory. And they look great on everyone.

History of Stud Earrings

The history of stud earrings can best be described as patchy. The earliest records of stud earrings can be traced back to ancient China where men wore this jeweled accessory as a status symbol.

However, it wasn’t until the 1960s when women started getting their ears pierced that stud earrings became a desirable jeweled accessory.

This was also around the time when cultured pearls, especially Akoya pearls, were becoming more readily available. And suddenly, pearl stud earrings found their place in the world of fine jewelry. Since then, both women and men have worn pearl ear studs as a statement of style.

Hanadama Akoya Pearl earrings

Gorgeous Top Range Hanadama Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings, Pearls of Joy

The Appeal of Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearl ear studs have a classic sophistication that is hard to ignore. From the Swinging Sixties to contemporary fashion styles, their appeal remains strong. Here are some of the reasons why pearl stud earrings are and always will be a must-have jewelry piece.


From day into evening, pearl studs effortlessly go from one setting to another, all the while looking graceful and chic. Whether you are sporting a simple t-shirt with denims or wearing a couture gown, pearl stud earrings complement and elevate every look.

Another aspect of their versatility is the different types of pearl stud earrings you can choose. From small to large sizes and from perfectly round to baroque shapes, there is a pearl stud earrings for every preference.

Also, pearls offer so many different colors for stud earrings. White, black, grey, golden, pink, lavender, peach are just the body colors that pearl stud earrings are available in. Add to this the numerous pearl secondary colors, and you have a massive range of color options to choose from for your pearl ear studs.

Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Different Price Ranges

There is a pearl stud earring for every budget.

Let’s take a pair of white pearl stud earrings. At Pearls of Joy, a pair of 7mm white, round Freshwater pearl stud earrings start at $ 149 USD. A pair of 7.0 – 7.5 mm white round Akoya pearl stud earrings are priced at $ 259 USD.

By contrast a top range 7.0 – 7.5 mm Hanadama Akoya white pearl stud earrings start at $ 439 USD.

If you are looking for luxury pearls, a pair of 8.0 – 9.0 mm white South Sea pearl stud earrings start at $629 USD. But an ultra rare 14mm white South Sea stud earring pair will come for $ 5919 USD.

Whatever your budget, and whether you are looking for a starter piece or an investment grade jewel, pearl stud earrings give you the flexibility to choose and purchase what you like.

Pearls and Diamonds

The one gem pairing that has forever defined luxury and beauty is that of pearls and diamonds. The luster of pearls complements the brilliance of diamonds divinely.

A pearl set within a frame of diamonds is one of the most recognizable designs of pearl stud earrings. But contemporary jewelry designers have found new ways to showcase pearls and diamonds in stud earrings.

In fact the design options for pearl and diamond stud earrings are almost limitless which goes to show the popularity of this style of pearl earrings.

Pearl ear studs Pearls

From left to right: 8.0 – 9.0 mm Tahitian Pearl Earrings, White 9.5 -10 mm Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings, Champagne Gold South Sea Pearl Earrings, 10 mm Pink Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings, Pearls of Joy. Princess Diana (Getty Images), Sarah Jessica Parker (Getty Images), Rihanna (Getty Images).

Celebrities in Pearl Stud Earrings

Celebrities have always been tastemakers. This is true for fashion… and it’s also true for jewelry.

Real pearl earrings, both natural and cultured, have always been a favorite among A-list celebrities. But pearl ear studs are the real go-to jewelry piece for many famous people.

Style goddess Sarah Jessica Parker rarely ever styles her look without pearl stud earrings. Angelina Jolie is often seen wearing large white South Sea pearl stud earrings. What’s more, Rihanna famously wore a pair of large white pearl stud earrings with a black and white evening gown as she hosted her charity Diamond Ball a few years ago.

Even the British royal family is not immune to charm of this piece of jewelry. The late Princess Diana, who loved pearls, was often seen wearing pearl stud earrings. Today, it’s Princess Kate who has been spotted wearing pearl stud earrings at a number of official events.

Taking Care of Your Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearl stud earrings, like all other pearl jewelry, require some TLC so you can wear them and enjoy their beauty for years to come. Here are some things to keep in mind when taking care of your pearl stud earrings.

How to Clean Your Pearl Ear Studs

Gently clean your stud earrings with a soft cloth after taking them off. Always apply perfume before putting on your pearl stud earrings.

How to Store Your Pearl Ear Studs

Store your pearl stud earrings separately from other jewelry so that the pearls are not scratched by diamonds, other hard gemstones or even sharp edges of precious metal mountings. 

Pearl Stud Earrings – the Ultimate Statement of Elegance

If there is a piece of jewelry that encompasses style and charm, it certainly is a pair of pearl stud earrings. Never out of style or out of place, this very versatile piece of jewelry always delivers on beauty and grace.

Featured Image: Top Range 8.0 - 8.5 mm Hanadama Akoya Pearl Earrings, Pearls of Joy

Reema Farooqui is a content writer who loves pearls and pearl jewelry. You can find her on her website The Culture of Pearls or on Instagram at @thecultureofpearls

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