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Taitian Pearl Sale - Necklace Preview

A few days ago I posted about the changes to French Polynesia export laws, and why I wanted to buy as many Tahitian pearls as possible before 2017.

If you missed that post, CLICK HERE – it’s an important one.

Well… That email caused a bit of a stir and I received a ton of questions.

Stuff like...

When does the sale start?

How many strands are available?

What color and shapes do you have?

I thought I better put up a quick post try to answer some questions.

When Does the Sale Start?

This sale is going to be a little different than usual. Because I can only match, drill and list so many strands at a time, this sale will happen in waves. The first “wave” will be hitting shores on Monday morning. But I’ll be adding new strands throughout the rest of the month.

Join the email list HERE and I'll email you when the sale starts.

How many strands are available?

I’m not sure, but A LOT! I have around $200,000 in loose baroque and round pearls in my safe. Most of them are destined to be turned into necklaces. I’ve tried to make a good mix of strands, from budget friendly AA grade baroques, to top end AAA rounds.

What colors and Shapes do you have?

Pretty much every color in the rainbow... I have light greens, dark greens, peacocks, multi-colors and even a few incredible gun-metal silver strands. The shapes range from wildly organic baroque shapes to perfect rounds, and everything in between.

View my Tahitian pearl necklaces here

Bonus Videos

That's it for now, thanks for checking out the preview. If you enjoyed the pics or have any questions -- do me a favor and leave a comment below.

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