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September 2015 Hong Kong Gem Show - [DAY 3]

Maybe it was the peking duck feast the night before, or possibly the 2 coffees and a red bull en route to the show. But we we started day 3 with a bounce in our step, ready to get down to business.

First stop was a special request for a single large "fancy color" Edison pearl. For those that haven't hear the term(most the world) -- "fancy color" is used to describe a very special and rare color of freshwater pearl. Difficult to describe, it's a combination of copper, green and pink. 

As luck would have it, we found a couple of candidates. Settled on the one with the highest luster and cleanest surface and put it aside for customer approval. Perfect... we're off to a good start already.

rare colored Edison pearls

Edison pearls with rare colors

a single rare-colored Edison pearl

Galatea Carved Pearls

En route to make another purchase we bumped into the mad pearl genius that is Chi Huynh of Galatea pearls. Chi is famous for growing Tahitian pearls with a turquoise bead nucleus, that he reveals by carefully carving away nacre. These 17-18mm monsters were exceptional!

huge Galatea pearls

carved Galatea pearls

Blue South Sea Pearls

After a quick visit with Chi (and momentarily getting lost in the maze of vendors) we arrived at our our go-to destination of one of my favorite types of pearls. Silver/blue baroque South Sea pearls. The wildly organic shapes and the otherworldly color -- I can't get enough of them.

Lucky for me this vendor knows me well and always put his best selection aside for me.  If they're blue, if they're big, and if they're baroque they're going home with me -- what can I say, I'm an easy sell.

big blue south sea pearls

a single blue baroque pearl

a few baroque blue south sea pearls

close up of a single south sea pearl

blue south sea pearls

baroque blue south sea pearl

a handful of blue south sea pearls

Baby Blues...

Now these were a welcome surprise. Little baby 8-10mm baby blue baroque South Sea pearls. Phew that's a mouthful --Try saying that three times fast!

I have no idea what I'm going to do with these little guys but the price was right and the shapes were excellent. If you have a design idea leave a comment below please.

small baby blue south sea pearls

handful of tiny baroque south sea pearls

group of blue baroque pearls

small south sea pearls

Free Form Baroque Tahitian Pearls

After another red bull we were ready to stock up on baroque Tahitian pearl strands. We found a great selection of strands with fantastic color, luster and an unusual free form baroque shape.

baroque Tahitian pearl ropes

close up of the Tahitian pearl strands

a single strand of Tahitian pearls

two Tahitian pearl ropes

colorful Tahitian pearls

strand of Tahitian pearls

With those Tahitians in the bag we wrapped up our third day of the show and headed over to a local pearl office to stock up on classic white Freshwater and Akoya pearls for the upcoming holiday season. While not as exciting as the exotic pearls, these are the classics and still our top sellers.

The picture below shows just a small fraction of the pearls this one company has stuffed into their office.

an office full of pearls

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