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September 2015 Hong Kong Gem Show - [DAY 2]

As usual day 2 of the show was more productive than the day 1. We started the day by meeting up with Pearl-Guide.com forum friends Blaire Beavers (Forum Admin & Pearl Expert) and Sheri Jurnecka (JurneckaCreations.com).

It was their first trip to the Hong Kong gem show and it was a real pleasure to be able to escort them to the show. They're both pearl fanatics and their enthusiasm was infections to say the least!

Tahitian pearl hunt - continued...

Yesterday I wrote about my hunt for a single large Tahitian pearl for a custom project. I spent a lot of time spinning my wheels and it wasn't looking promising for my customer.

Well, day 2 worked out for us and we found the pearl (and price) we needed to make this project work.

We found a single 15.8mm dark Tahitian and even a pair of 12-13mm earrings to match.

with a tray of black Tahitian pearls

16mm Black Tahitian pearls

set of black Tahitians for a necklace and pair of earrings

Freshwater Ripple Pearls

One of our favorite (and most requested) pearls to hunt down at these shows, Ripple pearls are one of those pearls you either love or hate. There's no middle ground.

Yesterday we had a lot of trouble finding anything of quality...

...But today we hit pay dirt.

We ended up with a really nice selection of large white ripples, small "baby" white ripples and a great mix of multi-colored strands.

examining strands of large white Ripple pearls

big white ripple pearls

close up of white pearl ripples

metallic ripple pearls

close up of white ripple pearl strands

a rope of ripple pearls with metallic luster

a cluster of metallic white ripple pearls

single strand of ripple pearls

ropes of colorful ripple pearls

closer look at a multi-colored strand of ripple pearls

close up of ripple pearls in different colors

multi-color ripple pearl ropes

examining multiple strands of multi-colored ripple pearls

strand of ripple pearls in various colors

Holy Grail Ripples

In a word, these pearls are incredible.

For those that treasure unique and rare pearls, those that are comfortable walking into a room and having all eyes fall on them -- these pearls are as good as it gets.

ripple pearl necklace

a perfect strand of colorful ripple pearls

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